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Games Winx season 5 - play for free online

Favorite animated TV series of all girls under the name Winx Fairy School is a popular year after year. That`s a new fifth season of the show attracted the attention of millions of people who are fun to watch, and waited impatiently for each new series. However, after the season, many fans of the animated series bored, as the new sixth season to wait a long time and have fun with their favorite characters Winx you want now. And then came to the aid of new games winx season 5, which are based on the story with new characters all the beloved cartoon. And, of course, Winx Season 5 games offer us to play the main heroine of the series - girls fairies, who have for so many years, only gaining in popularity. This is a fan of nature and harmony by the name of Flora. This is a beautiful red-haired Bloom. A lover of sports Aisha. This is also the beauty of Stella, Musa, and Tecno. All of them have remained the same fairies, whom we so loved in the previous seasons. But at the same time the new season we will open new facets of their character, and see something that really surprised us. Of course, we will see new and amazing adventure for girls fairies, that will withstand a variety of villain. In any case, you will like the new fifth season of the animated series, and the many games created based on it. All these games can be found on our website which is regularly updated, thus not giving a whole army of fans bored series. If the exit points of the new season, they looked forward to each new series, but now they were waiting for new games with your favorite heroines. Our site gives you all the opportunity, to play the latest games on Winx. In addition, not only created the game based on the adventures of the fifth season of the animated series, but new games Winx associated with makeup, clothes, manicures. You can drive the main protagonist in the Beauty Salons, shops, and, of course, by painting them. Among other things, created a variety of quests and adventures with brand new scenes you`ve ever seen in the cartoon! Not only can you see through the game on this story, but also actively participate in its development! This is several times more interesting! Also, note that all the games on our site, you can play for free, but the games themselves do not need to be installed on your computer, and you will be able to play them in the browser directly on our website, without downloading anything! Enjoy watching the new season of Winx and successful game!