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Winx coloring game online

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Game Winx Coloring For Kids
Winx Coloring For Kids


Game Winx Coloring For Kids
Winx Coloring For Kids

Winx coloring game - play for free online

Who are the Winx?

Раскраски Винкс 1 The Italian animated series "Winx Club - School of fairies," the author of the director Iginio Straffi. Its premiere took place in winter 2008, and has since published several more seasons, each of which are 26-Th series. The series tells the story of girls fairies who have come together to oppose evil and fight for the triumph of good. The main heroine is a charming Bloom, who accidentally found out about a world that is inhabited by fairies, and that she, too, is one of them. Together with her friends she attends school witches, where grasps the basics of magic and witchcraft. All friends have their own personalities and preferences:

  • Muse - loves art;
  • Tecna - loves the technique and procedure;
  • Stella - loves magic;
  • Flora - commanded by natural forces;
  • Leila - interested in sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Decorate your favorite heroine playing games Coloring Winx!

Раскраски Винкс 2 In addition to the cartoon, created a lot of computer games, which continue the history of the young fairies in a different genre categories. One such area is the game Winx coloring. How many of the children do not like to draw and paint a finished picture? Coloring - this is probably one of the first computer games, which begin to develop small gamers. But even growing up, children continue to be happy to come back to these games, because there is nothing better than to express their imagination and create a black-and-white of a real fairy-tale images, vivid picture.

The parents, concerned about the dominance of the internet games with violent scenes of violence, blood, foul language and nudity will find the game Winx coloring is one outlet that not only does not harm the child's mind, but also a beneficial effect on its development. Apart from the fact that the theme of the game is aimed at the education of the child kindness to others, it gives the concept of separation of good and evil, and encourages the correct choice, it also develops the artistic sense, logic thinking and fine motor skills of hands. Parents can take part in the game and give advice on the choice of color a child and help him cope with the painting of small parts.

The best way to develop a child's imagination!

There is nothing more pleasant than to spend a cozy evening playing Winx coloring. In comparison with the noisy and active computer games that can excite the child before bed, Winx coloring game will agitated child to rest and prepare it to rest. With these games, children are guaranteed a quiet night and pleasant dreams. Coloring Winx Games offer children plunge into the magical world of fairy tales and to help Little fairy find color. Several images from different subjects offer them a story to create and implement their fantasies.

Раскраски Винкс 3 fun and provocatively fairies very hard to be in black and white state, and they are waiting for your help again to see the beauty of the color of the world. In the palette of colors you will find all the necessary paint to paint the characters Winx Club. By clicking on the chosen shade, you will see it in a larger size on the test strip. If it suits you, feel free to use it in the picture, if not, look further. To help you decide on the color side you will see the already-painted characters. Examine carefully all the details colored pictures and try to recreate it. However, it is not necessary to follow exactly the original. You can let your imagination and create for each of the fairies from the Winx Club new image. All online game Winx coloring available to you absolutely free of charge. While playing, have fun and share links to the games with friends. And not to lose our site, enter it into a bookmark.