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There is hardly even a girl who is unfamiliar with the Winx Club. Italian director Idzhinio Straffi created them in the studio Rainbow Srl in 2004, and since then, little fairies Bloom, Flora, Stella, Tekno, Musa and Layla from the animated series and full-length animated film successfully migrated into the computer games of different themes. One of these games are the Winx Believix. What is Believix? This force, which is based on faith. Winx Fairy Believix bought when they were able to convince Roxy that fairies really do exist. When Roxie believed in fairies, new opportunities. Believix able to increase the strength of the fairies, to give them a new, more powerful wings, and their three additional pairs: Zumiks for teleportation, Spidiks to increase the speed and Trasiks for the opening events of the past. It is this possibility of transformation, provided the basis for a bright, colorful computer games for girls Winx Believix. It`s no secret that girls really like to dress up and change their appearance. This is a natural desire for transformation finds an echo in this section of Winx games, where you can find a very large collection of stories of this subject. In games Dress Up Girls will be able to create a new image of your favorite characters, dressed in their fairy outfits suggested to equip one pair of wings and send to the picnic, the next adventure or a vacation with friends. Charming-girlfriend fairies love bright colors and floral motifs. Knowing the preferences of each of them, you can pick up that suit, which corresponds to their taste and strength. Each successful transformation gives the fairies force appropriate to their abilities and they can call them at any time. That`s why all the fairies costumes vary in color - this is due to the source of their strength. For example, Stella gets its power from the moon and sun, and its color is yellow, orange and other warm colors. But Flora, which is associated with flowers and other plants, prefer green and pink. During each successful transformation, a change in the external appearance of the fairies, which points to its essence and power of nature. Another way of transformation, but the clothes - it`s hair and makeup. Game Winx Believix not lost sight of this important moment and give you the opportunity to experiment with the external appearance of the young witches. Because they are part of nature, which is generous in bright colors, make-up you will not be lacking in a bright palette. Proceeding in a similar manner as in clothes, you can choose for each fairy correct color shades of lipstick and rouge. A similar situation with the hair - the hair color and length play an important role for the fairies, so try to please them. But not just limited to painting and dress up game Winx Believix. After receiving the additional wings, Winx will make a lot of important things. For example, you have to fly in the sky and collect the rubies. One would think: What could be simpler? But in the sky are many dangers in the form of biting wasps, toothed zippers, threatening clouds, which are now trying to bring down the fairy. Try to avoid collision with them, and good luck. Similarly, you`ll collect hearts in the sky, avoiding enemies and lowering clouds. If you can handle, your fairy will advance to the next level, but in the end it will be a surprise. You still have to drop to the seabed and collect pearls to make room in the arrangement of furniture, put pieces of puzzles, and much more. After selecting the game Winx Believix, you get magic experience.