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Game Protection of the castle online

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Protection of the castle games - play free online

Castle defense flash game - a kind of game, which refers to a genre of strategy. The essence of the game is that you will need to defend your castle from attacking enemy continually. Help you in this tower, which will attack intruders. Typically, in such games the enemies usually go on a winding road that leads straight to your fortress. But in some games you can find another kind of enemy movement. Protect the castle flash game allows you to manually create a path along which will move opponents by building towers so that their enemies are avoided. In addition to pedestrian opponents, you may descend to the aircraft. She easily flies through your built towers and once at the center of your base. Do not forget that in the castle defense games online has several lives. For example, if the enemies are making their way through the defense of the fortress, you have taken away one or more lives. In the game the enemies are divided into several types, each of them will take you a certain number of lives, if you get on your territory. Protecting the base should be carried out not only the alignment of the towers of the same type, and placement of competent towers, which will be most effective against all enemy units. Each type of tower has its advantages and disadvantages. One type of tower can slow down enemies, damaging them, the second - sets fire to them. Like the tower, the opponents also have different qualities: some can move very fast, second - very durable and resistant to attack the tower. Due to these features, the game Tower Defence have high complexity. When you kill enemies, you get the money to spend on improvements for the purchase of the towers. Also, you can buy for the money, and new types of towers. Each tower will be improved to become more durable and resistant to the enemy, and the radius of its defeat will constantly increase. Usually, all of the improvements can be put on one tower, but there are times when the towers have to upload the parameters individually. That is, one can put a tower, only one improved. For example, you can install on the tower of power only, but you sacrifice radius. And, conversely, are improving the radius, then the tower will shoot very far, but with less force. Tower Defence - flash is a game format. It was during flush these games will look colorful, bright, and most importantly affordable. This game has a unique ability to prolong the gameplay from the first minutes. It can be played for hours, despite the fact that the gameplay of this game is very simple.