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The history of Alex Mercer

Прототип 1 The prototype - a typical game action that has won thousands of fans of different age and target audience. Especially popular game enjoyed by fans of Parkour. A series of games of the assassin contains complex elements of this urban sport. The game's plot is consistent, is depicted by a clear, entertaining and designed for gamers with different range of interests.

The protagonist of the game prototype - Alex mutant. He has the ability, not characteristic of ordinary people:

  • incredible power;
  • superhuman speed and agility;
  • The unusual live performance;
  • but more importantly his ability - the ability to absorb.

What does it mean to absorb? This means to transform into any he met on the way a person. To transform not only externally but also internally. Alex can completely "read" a person's inner world, his memories and feelings. These features Alex uses partly in order to understand their story: how an ordinary guy Alex Mercer became a monstrous mutant?

Help Alex to perform all tasks while playing games prototype

Прототип 3 The game is set in New York. But not today, as the city of the distant future, in a city riddled unknown virus. The city imposed martial law in spite of which the population spread panic and anarchy. You will have to carry the image of Alex's very difficult quests, the main purpose of which is to collect the genetic material. At the same time on your way will arise various obstacles:

  • evil mutants;
  • The unit "Black Watch";
  • The inhabitants of Manhattan;
  • The US Army soldiers.

Be ready for whatever

Прототип 2 In this case, your character will constantly change their appearance and behavior, absorbing its enemies. So be ready to act in the guise of an old man, a young journalist, soldier, "Black Watch" vile mutant vampire. But whatever the appearance did not take Alex - his sverhvozmozhnosti always stay with him. He's a great Parkurist can navigate without relying on vertical surfaces, while using her hands as a deadly loops. The main thought that runs through the game and gave it the name, is that people can turn into terrible weapons of war. It does not matter as it is - by virtue of whether military laboratory experiment or by the mutagenic agents. Such a hero to become the main character in many movies, comic books, well, and of course computer games. It is important that this character carries a unique dynamism and complexity of the story that will keep you in suspense throughout the game.