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Game Fireboy And Watergirl
Fireboy And Watergirl
Game Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt
Game Block Squad
Block Squad
Game A Maze-ing
A Maze-ing
Game Save My Tree
Save My Tree
Game Pandas adventurers
Pandas adventurers
Game Plumber
Game Maze game
Maze game
Game The Worlds Hardest Game 2
The Worlds Hardest Game 2
Game Peppa Pig: Maze
Peppa Pig: Maze
Game Adam & Eva
Adam & Eva
Game Spongebob Bomber
Spongebob Bomber
Game Beetle Ju 3
Beetle Ju 3
Game Forest Ice Burning Man
Forest Ice Burning Man
Game Simpson's virtual world
Simpson's virtual world
Game Save Princess Minnie
Save Princess Minnie
Game Adventures Spongebob And Patrick
Adventures Spongebob And Patrick
Game Dora Labyrinth
Dora Labyrinth
Game Tony Maze Escape
Tony Maze Escape
Game Valentine's day virus
Valentine's day virus
Game Snowman Maze
Snowman Maze
Game Mice Maze
Mice Maze
Game Escape the haunted mansion
Escape the haunted mansion
Game Maze Game
Maze Game
Game Diego Labrynth
Diego Labrynth
Game Belka and Strelka - maze
Belka and Strelka - maze
Game Gold Theft
Gold Theft
Game Night Rat Maze
Night Rat Maze
Game Bomb It 6
Bomb It 6
Game Mario Ghosthouse 2
Mario Ghosthouse 2
Game Ninja Painter 2
Ninja Painter 2
Game Easy Peasy Escape 2
Easy Peasy Escape 2
Game Watergirl Save Fireboy
Watergirl Save Fireboy
Game Pacman
Game Spikes Tend To Kill You 2
Spikes Tend To Kill You 2
Game Unpredictable labyrinth
Unpredictable labyrinth
Game Dora the treasure hunter
Dora the treasure hunter
Game Puzle Maze
Puzle Maze
Game Bomb It 4
Bomb It 4
Game Light Up The Christmas Tree
Light Up The Christmas Tree
Game Jammin' Hamster
Jammin' Hamster
Game A Maze Race 2
A Maze Race 2
Game Pirate Libyrinth
Pirate Libyrinth
Game Samurai vs Monster
Samurai vs Monster
Game Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire
Game Fluunix
Game Megaman
Game Foolish Labyrinth
Foolish Labyrinth
Game Niu Niu Run
Niu Niu Run
Game Condition
Game Rock Rush: Classic 2
Rock Rush: Classic 2
Game Maze
Game Jacob Miller's Mazego Remix
Jacob Miller's Mazego Remix
Game Maze Game - Game Play 28
Maze Game - Game Play 28
Game Angry Birds Space Maze
Angry Birds Space Maze
Game Drawn Together: Cavity Search
Drawn Together: Cavity Search
Game Gates of Darkness
Gates of Darkness
Game Magic Orbs
Magic Orbs
Game Baby pacman
Baby pacman
Game Catacombs 2: Labyrinth of Death
Catacombs 2: Labyrinth of Death
Game Watermelon
Game Ninja Painter 2
Ninja Painter 2
Game Unblock It
Unblock It
Game Binding of Isaac
Binding of Isaac
Game Moving the Ball
Moving the Ball
Game Kaban
Game Jasmine Butterflies
Jasmine Butterflies
Game Mario Bubble Escape
Mario Bubble Escape
Game Temple Guardian
Temple Guardian
Game Curse Of Anubis. Pyramid Of Doom
Curse Of Anubis. Pyramid Of Doom
Game Santa Claus Maze
Santa Claus Maze
Game 3D Maze
3D Maze
Game Give Up Robot 2
Give Up Robot 2
Game Pixel Boy
Pixel Boy
Game Maze 3
Maze 3
Game Bomber
Game Worms Escape
Worms Escape
Game BUZO.
Game The bee way
The bee way
Game Ladybugs
Game LabyrInk
Game The Iron Nanny
The Iron Nanny
Game A maze'n math
A maze'n math
Game Maze Tosser
Maze Tosser
Game Honey bear
Honey bear
Game How to Make a Sequel
How to Make a Sequel
Game Pink Ball
Pink Ball
Game PopTag
Game Maze Attack Version 2.0
Maze Attack Version 2.0
Game Big maze
Big maze
Game Sonic dots
Sonic dots
Game Ninja +
Ninja +
Game Treasure Snake
Treasure Snake
Game Pacman
Game 60 Second labyrinth
60 Second labyrinth
Game Rescue Mario Bros
Rescue Mario Bros
Game Labyrinth pirates
Labyrinth pirates
Game Powergolf
Game Crazy digger
Crazy digger
Game Elephant below
Elephant below
Game To Escape The Labyrinth
To Escape The Labyrinth
Game Car Maze
Car Maze
Game Maze Game Game Play - 113
Maze Game Game Play - 113
Game Diamonds Maze
Diamonds Maze
Game The mummy's tomb
The mummy's tomb
Game Many Maze 2
Many Maze 2
Game Mario Bros. In Pipe Panic
Mario Bros. In Pipe Panic
Game Gopher-It
Game Journey of the Mouse
Journey of the Mouse
Game RPD Warrior
RPD Warrior
Game Dynamite Snake
Dynamite Snake
Game Order on roads
Order on roads
Game A maze Race
A maze Race
Game Plumber Beeny Hamster 
Plumber Beeny Hamster 
Game Snowland Maze
Snowland Maze
Game Maze Man
Maze Man
Game Seedling
Game Knight Shift
Knight Shift
Game Alladin's A-maze-ing Map
Alladin's A-maze-ing Map
Game Harvest machine
Harvest machine


Game Homescapes
Game Maze And Tourist
Maze And Tourist
Game Number Maze
Number Maze
Game Maze And Tourist
Maze And Tourist
Game Frankenstein Adventures
Frankenstein Adventures
Game Mushrooms Conflict
Mushrooms Conflict
Game Monster Maze
Monster Maze
Game Maze Speedrun
Maze Speedrun
Game Christmas Maze
Christmas Maze
Game Exit Puzzle Colors Game
Exit Puzzle Colors Game
Game Drop Maze
Drop Maze
Game Stealth Prison Escape
Stealth Prison Escape
Game Dumb Pacman
Dumb Pacman
Game Pocket Pac the Game
Pocket Pac the Game
Game Astronaut in Maze
Astronaut in Maze

Games mazes - play for free online

Game mazes, one of the first that have been developed for computers. The essence of these games is to find a way out of the tangled corridors, in which many blind alleys and passages. But there are nice bonuses. Labyrinths have been invented in ancient times, and the mention of them is often found in ancient legends. One of the most famous legends is the legend of the Minotaur - a monster with a bull`s head and body. King Minos imprisoned the Minotaur in the labyrinth built by Daedalus at Knossos. Throwing the Minotaur to be devoured by criminals and, as a sacrifice, brought from Athens girls and boys. Nobody came out of the maze alive. Some found a monster and devoured, others died from hunger and thirst in the intricate maze of corridors. Only Theseus turned out to be the only one who could defeat the Minotaur, killing his fist, and out of the maze he have a ball of yarn, given to him by Ariadne - daughter of Minos and sister of the Minotaur. This scene is common in ancient Greek figures and bas-reliefs on the pitchers. The ancient legend is reflected in the computer game "Minotaur." On the field you will see a man, and only part of the maze. Seeing an open course, move back a character using the arrow keys on your keyboard. As you progress, more open lanes and speed. As the game progresses you will come across different subjects: torches, swords, shields, keys, doors, magic potions. If you have already found a sword and you met the Minotaur, you can fight him in battle. Otherwise, beware. The graphics in this game is flat and the fight happen without your participation - just as a fact of victory or defeat. But perhaps you will enjoy the story and gameplay space to spend time "in between times." If you notice, most of the games of the genre maze was performed in a plane or in pixel art, although there are 3D options. Game mazes can be as an independent genre, as well as parts of other games, where to pass a certain level is required to play a mini game, and the maze of often act in this role. Going through the maze, you can always pursue a goal. This is not a thoughtless move in a tangled space, and a certain storyline. As the main character can perform a variety of characters - from animals, and ending with the spacecraft. Even if you need only hold the ball through all the intricate interweaving corridors, you will encounter the main enemy, which is the time. You read that right - the game will not last forever, and after a specified time period, the game will start again if you do not have time to find a way out. Yes, and the levels will not allow to relax - each new one will be more complicated. Children can wander through the maze to the fabulous heroes of cartoons and movies. Older gamers who are not afraid of monsters and other evil forces, to plunge into the dark dungeons, caves and ancient pyramids, which holds the secrets of magicians, witches and the forces of the underworld. Satellite and ground-based robots themes are also represented in the game maze. Run them through the myriad of stars and the network chip. Depths of the sea teeming with not only the sunken treasure, but unknown to the world monsters guarding them. In the tank is still a lot of oxygen, but he has a bad habit to end at the critical moment. Sinking to the seabed, remember this, and collecting treasures in the maze of sunken ships, look for him. Sharks, moray eels and sea monsters are watching you while you play the game maze!