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Game Field of Miracles - Play free online

spinning the reels!

Поле Чудес 2 "Field of Dreams" - an entertaining TV show, which appeared on the TV screens in the summer of 1991. Along with the transfer of "How to Be a Millionaire" and "What? Where? When? "Game" Field of Dreams "was one of the most popular and retains that status for more than twenty years. Her invariable lead Leonid Yakubovich sly smile still in his mustache, and a generous hand to distribute prizes and winning money. Those wishing to get into the television studio is unbroken. And though not all players are able to demonstrate the truly remarkable mental abilities, so no less than they are invited, so they defused a serious situation. The show is a show, so even if the participant was unable to guess a word, he revived his audience participation and lifted her spirits.

Now the game Field of Dreams is always with you!

Based on the television game, created many versions of the game Field of Miracles. Some repeat a theme and decorated similarly to its parent. The field that hides the word appears as gray squares, where the hidden word is allocated a darker color. Next, you can see part of the drum with numbers and cells that are double or triple win. Each turn of the drum brings a certain amount, which is displayed on the left. To the right you will see a button with the help of which you will rotate the drum and the number of attempts at guessing the word. Below the keyboard is a literal number, with which you will be called the letter by pressing it. If you guessed right, it will be opened on the scoreboard. If not, you will know about it, and how many attempts you have left.

Поле Чудес 1 Initially, there are only three possibilities to make a coup. Every wrong answer removes one more try. The cell "0" does not make money, but the "gift" adds yet another attempt to make a move. There is also a "fig", which cancels all of your earned money. If you are ready to call the whole word, the correct answer if you come at the expense of a thousand rubles. Apart from a clone of the game Field of Miracles, created several options to preserve the essence of the game, but offer quite a different thematic focus.

Children may be happy to play analogs and demonstrate not only the existing knowledge, but also learn a lot. Game Field of Miracles for Children offer guessing game

  • birds;
  • fish;
  • animals
  • The insects;
  • dog breeds.


Поле Чудес 3 The principle of the game is similar, although the difference is still there. The precipitate "plus" allows the player to open one of the letters of request, and if the letter is found in the word a few times, then they will open it. If you roll a "prize", the player needs to guess under which of the two balls he is. Guessed - get to the account of two hundred points and one open letter, if not - until the next tour leaves the game. The precipitate "bankrupt" removes from the players account all the points earned, and the turn passes to the other party. "Zero" conveys the right to move to another player, and "X2" doubles player all the points. If a player is able at once to indicate a few letters in a row, his glasses morning quadrupled, and so on.

In 2012, by famous for its humorous games of "Buka", the game came out, "Field of Dreams." Leading a hair's breadth Yakubovich and his consistently ironic humor. You will have the opportunity to play in a smooth closed mode and guess a letter, or to act as one of the celebrities and compete with computer rivals. Many of the issues in different directions will put a dead end, but the connecting logic and erudition, you will be able to cope with all the rounds. To play it even more interesting, the developers have built for your own home. And now, earning the show, you will be able to furnish a virtual home, buying new furniture, paintings and other useful things.