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Fun Games magical parents created based on the animated series "Magic`s parents" (originally "magic cross"), invented Butchemom Hartman, and removed together Canadian and American studios, Nelvana, and Billionfold Studios and Frederator Studios. The series tells of a boy Timmy Turner and his adventures. He was brought up by fairies Cosmo and Wanda, who have a son named Puff. But it was not always the case. Timmy - boy of ten, which did not differ from their peers, and lived in a boring town called Dimmsdeyl with their parents is absolutely mediocre. They are not particularly bother bringing up his son and hired a babysitter for that - a cruel and intolerable girl Vicki. Once Timmy found his aquarium fish Wanda and Cosmo are actually fairies and are its patrons. They have the charge of him to keep an eye on him, and can fulfill almost any desire. Timmy shows negligence in guessing the desires and his inexperience in such a delicate issue leads to unpredictable consequences. Fairies have to try much to the desire to return back. In the course of events, Timmy gets into various troubles, gain enemies, and learns the terrible news - it turns out, if a child discovers the magic patrons, it separated from them forever! And unfortunately, a schoolteacher Crocker strongly believes in the existence of fairies and devoted his life to finding them. Playing Magic games parents, you will pass many tests, that befell Timmy, and run into other characters, both positive and negative. And what would it have been for the adventure, if it were not evil characters? Sometimes, even the patrons of Cosmo and Wanda want to complicate your life. Your task is to get out of all the stories with honor. And how about that green the garden with the help of a magic wand? Since I want everything to be magically get to work! Just avoid getting caught in the teeth of a chainsaw, which for some reason gone mad. Fairy godmothers made sure to stick to work, and the rest in your hands. Run on all the squares of your garden, and force the wand. At other times, Timmy wishes to become a barbarian and was in the ancient world. Oh, those dreams come true! So take the result and overcome obstacles with Timmy. Have to deal with more global issues. For example, saving the Earth from evil Darka Layzera who intends to destroy the planet. Only you can decide for the outcome of the battle. When winter came Dimsdale, instead of with all the kids have fun playing snowballs and skate with skis, Timmy with all of the same magic wand began to destroy the fiery glow-worms. Do not think that he finally lost his mind, just someone from harm decided to ruin all the snowy weather, so Timmy and got involved in this story. Still you have to figure out who among the characters is good, and who is not. On this depends the outcome of the game, after all the bad you will be sent to jail! So watch carefully as worthless bunk kind people chew. Once zagadyvaya ordinary desires, Timmy realized that all he wanted, it just started to fall from the sky. Climb up using the items as high as possible, but do not forget about the bonuses. Still you will have a chance to get even with Vicki, beating her in a game that resembles checkers. Surround it chips so that she could not escape. Play games magical parents, and you`ll discover another world filled with magic and sorcery, a great mood you provided.