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When you ask a child what he wants to be when you grow up, you can hear a very different answers. It had all wanted to be astronauts, firemen, doctors and teachers. Today, the dreams of children are much more diverse. And often you can hear from the guys that they would like to become archaeologists. This is not surprising. After all, the profession of archaeologist is full of secrets, mysteries and adventures. And surely there are growns who would gladly have changed their current profession for the profession of archaeologist. Of course, for many dreams remain dreams as well. But if you desire to live at least for some time to become a real archaeologist, then you have the chance. How is this possible you ask? And maybe it`s with virtual games. For example, there is a very interesting game Diamond of Atlantis. Atlantis - The Lost World, the puzzle is to this day trying to uncover the scientists, archaeologists around the world. This sinking of the island for the first time began ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Many people believe that Atlantis - it`s invented island, which did not exist in reality. But surely no one knows. And thanks to the Diamond of Atlantis game now everyone wants to have the opportunity to try to uncover the secrets of the secret lost in the Atlantic world. This game will be interesting to all lovers of adventure. On this site you can play in the Diamond of Atlantis online. Such a game - it`s a great opportunity to show not only the archaeological inclinations, but also logical abilities. Since this game is logical. And playing it, you`ll not only fun to spend free time, but also to develop thinking. Diamond of Atlantis - is an exciting game. It is not only logical but also an arcade. A huge number of levels in this game makes the game more exciting and interesting. Demonstrate your ability, you pass from level to level and uncover the secrets of a lost Atlantis. Search for ancient artifacts and the disclosure of the various mysteries of the unknown until today - it`s incredibly interesting and fascinating. Journey to Atlantis will give you lots of positive emotions unforgettable experience. Interesting adventures, plus exciting logical tasks - everything is a game Diamond of Atlantis. Playing this game, you can have fun and to spend your spare time. It certainly gives you a good mood and allow you to feel yourself a real archaeologists, who are subject to all the secrets and mysteries of antiquity, and which is able to undergo any hardship in search of adventure.