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Game Kubes
Game Clixel
Game Brick Shooter
Brick Shooter
Game Spongebob Jelly Puzzle 3
Spongebob Jelly Puzzle 3
Game Bee Honey
Bee Honey
Game Blob Five
Blob Five
Game Bubble Contest
Bubble Contest
Game Sindy Tangrams
Sindy Tangrams
Game Cube Crush
Cube Crush
Game Brickshooter Egypt
Brickshooter Egypt
Game Camomile
Game Bricks Breaking
Bricks Breaking
Game Bubbles
Game Ark of treasure
Ark of treasure
Game Fixies: Hockey
Fixies: Hockey
Game Linyca
Game Fun Block 2
Fun Block 2
Game Potion Magic Extended
Potion Magic Extended
Game Color Joy
Color Joy
Game Cube Wars
Cube Wars
Game Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt
Game Candy Bricks
Candy Bricks
Game Cricket Colors
Cricket Colors
Game Jelly Blocks
Jelly Blocks
Game Angry Pig 2
Angry Pig 2
Game IceAge 2 - Glacial Break
IceAge 2 - Glacial Break
Game Block Party
Block Party
Game Diamond Shift
Diamond Shift
Game Emperor of Chine Gold Mutch
Emperor of Chine Gold Mutch
Game Poux
Game Fireworks columns
Fireworks columns
Game Diamond Fever
Diamond Fever
Game Adamas
Game Gems swap
Gems swap
Game Combo
Game CubeBuster
Game Twilight Blocks
Twilight Blocks
Game Blocks
Game Samephysics
Game Smiley Burst
Smiley Burst
Game Rolling Tires 3
Rolling Tires 3
Game Funnies
Game Lilo & Stitch - Experiments on the Loose
Lilo & Stitch - Experiments on the Loose
Game Collapse
Game Breaker
Game Bola
Game Tower Blocks
Tower Blocks
Game Magilla Gorilla. Pet shop Cleaning
Magilla Gorilla. Pet shop Cleaning
Game Sqirlz
Game Blockies! Breakout!
Blockies! Breakout!
Game Cubes bones
Cubes bones
Game Jewel Swap
Jewel Swap
Game Squzzle
Game Dino Basketball
Dino Basketball
Game Shoot Down
Shoot Down
Game Super Market: Shopping Spree
Super Market: Shopping Spree
Game Classic Tetris
Classic Tetris
Game Pills
Game WowinBlocks
Game Tower Bloxx 
Tower Bloxx 
Game Mayan Mask Mayhem
Mayan Mask Mayhem
Game Bola Sama
Bola Sama
Game 60 Second Crash
60 Second Crash
Game Tropical Gems
Tropical Gems
Game Match Factory
Match Factory
Game Egypt Crystals
Egypt Crystals
Game Gold Rush 2
Gold Rush 2
Game Shining mine
Shining mine
Game Vanquish Those Viruses
Vanquish Those Viruses
Game X Balls
X Balls
Game Fine Blocks
Fine Blocks
Game Bloxorz
Game Balls Puzzle
Balls Puzzle
Game Diamond fever
Diamond fever
Game Legor - 4
Legor - 4
Game Fast Match
Fast Match
Game Magic Stones
Magic Stones
Game Round Man
Round Man
Game Folder Mania
Folder Mania
Game Shape Shifters
Shape Shifters
Game Blue Blox 2
Blue Blox 2
Game Minion Match
Minion Match
Game Collapsing blocks
Collapsing blocks
Game Star Crystals
Star Crystals
Game Patterns Link
Patterns Link
Game Feed the Mooks
Feed the Mooks
Game Coral Cup 2
Coral Cup 2
Game Jewel Anche
Jewel Anche
Game Gold Rush
Gold Rush
Game Jewel Bricks
Jewel Bricks
Game Cross Push
Cross Push
Game Fancy Animals
Fancy Animals
Game Cubreak
Game Shooting Star
Shooting Star
Game Black Cat In The Box
Black Cat In The Box
Game Ball Breacker
Ball Breacker
Game Same colors
Same colors
Game Apple Catch
Apple Catch
Game Alchemical Mysteries
Alchemical Mysteries
Game Starry sky Tetris
Starry sky Tetris
Game Blox! Aqua
Blox! Aqua
Game Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Cube
Game Jewel of Atlantis
Jewel of Atlantis
Game Bomboozle
Game Gemmaludus
Game Lt. Fly Vs. The Spiders
Lt. Fly Vs. The Spiders
Game Toesamoe
Game Falling Fruit
Falling Fruit
Game Double Bricks Extreme
Double Bricks Extreme
Game Enigmatica
Game Bricks Breaking
Bricks Breaking
Game Bricks Destroyer
Bricks Destroyer
Game Jewelry Thief
Jewelry Thief
Game Tri Pop
Tri Pop
Game Blocky 3
Blocky 3
Game Colorful Box Puzzle
Colorful Box Puzzle
Game Stack Attack
Stack Attack
Game The machine gun with chewing gum
The machine gun with chewing gum
Game Demolition Bobcat
Demolition Bobcat
Game What amusing crop!
What amusing crop!


Game The stones of the Pharaoh
The stones of the Pharaoh
Game Super Tetris
Super Tetris
Game Block Champ
Block Champ
Game 1010 No Danger
1010 No Danger
Game 1010 No Danger
1010 No Danger
Game 10x10 Blocks Match
10x10 Blocks Match
Game Blast Red
Blast Red
Game Super Brick Ball
Super Brick Ball
Game Bricked.io
Game Breakout Level Pack
Breakout Level Pack
Game Blocks Deluxe
Blocks Deluxe
Game Halloween Blocks Puzzle
Halloween Blocks Puzzle
Game Blocks Fit n Match
Blocks Fit n Match
Game Awesome Breakout
Awesome Breakout
Game Rotating Rubiks Cube
Rotating Rubiks Cube

Game colored blocks - Play free online

Recreation - a change of activity!

Цветные блоки 1 Game colored blocks - a favorite game of office workers, students, housewives, students, and people with all interests, inclinations, skills, of all ages and gender. Truly versatile game that can inspire, entertain and develop. It's amazing how such a simple idea, like drag blocks, can hit as many targets simultaneously. But this would still true. While in office, the person from time to time be distracted from work for a few minutes to relax. But doing nothing beats working out of state, and then concentrate on work rather difficult.

But the rest can not be without. Man is not a robot and can not be from dawn to dusk to make the same movement. Come to the rescue of those flash games, games like colored blocks. The fact is that for the rest, man enough to change the occupation for a short time. Moving the focus from one job to another, gives a person a "recharge his batteries," and at the same time does not reduce to zero the thought process. After playing colored blocks, then the logic train of thought, observation and speed. Therefore, an "empty" hanging out in fact, a positive effect and keeps the mind in shape.

Features Colored blocks

Цветные блоки 2 Play the colored blocks is quite simple. On the playing field you can see scattered randomly colored blocks. Your task is to remove groups of blocks of the same color. For this purpose some embodiments games simply clicking on the selected group, other elements must be moved so that they are joined into a single chain. The more identical elements in a chain, there are more points you earn, and if you cope with the task quickly, then get additional bonuses.

As you know, the game comes at a time. If you do not have time to pass the level in time, will have to replay. Bonus abilities can be expressed in different ways. Sometimes it will Fusing elements, sometimes you will be given the opportunity to mix all the blocks on the field again, so they went to more successfully. Sometimes it will be available to move only one block, and then the chain will develop itself. All bonuses list is difficult, after all, how many games, so many options.

The game, which will cause the brain to work!

Цветные блоки 3 Games colored blocks - this multi-level game, where each new level becomes more complex as compared to the previous one. If at first the game seems pretty easy, then closer to the middle, you will feel the tension builds, and to keep within the allotted time, you have to show greater vigilance, attention, and make the most correct course to the following blocks have fallen by more successful. Using bonuses, of course, facilitates the passage, but their number is limited, and if you use them all the more can not get out of a difficult situation when the next move is simply impossible. So that expenditure earned the privilege sparingly and wisely.

To play the colored blocks are not tired of playing this subject are presented in a fairly wide choice of subjects. The essence of all the games is not very different from each other, but a variety of story lines makes them multi-faceted, and allows you to choose each time a new story. There are thematic areas, such as the connection strings of Halloween. Tykvochki skull and diversify the process and the appropriate background will be pleasing to the eye. Sad, funny and colorful with acid mine smiles, too, seem to be a very original solution. Theme of pirates, with travel to the islands and continents will make a considerable liveliness in the game colored blocks, and for children there are fairy tales and pictures as screen savers.