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Game Dawn of the sniper 2
Dawn of the sniper 2
Game Armored warfare 1917
Armored warfare 1917
Game Panzer ops
Panzer ops
Game Angel of the battlefields 2
Angel of the battlefields 2
Game Bomber at war 2
Bomber at war 2
Game Tank 1943
Tank 1943
Game Asgard Story
Asgard Story
Game Super battle: City 2
Super battle: City 2
Game Commando 3
Commando 3
Game Endless War 5
Endless War 5
Game Battle Force
Battle Force
Game Desert force
Desert force
Game Air war 1941
Air war 1941
Game Johnny Bravo: Cyber War
Johnny Bravo: Cyber War
Game 1066

Games about the war online

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Game Kursk 1943
Kursk 1943
Game Age of War 2
Age of War 2
Game Monopoly Money Wars
Monopoly Money Wars
Game Bazooka Battle
Bazooka Battle
Game Ray Part 2
Ray Part 2
Game Toy Tank Arena
Toy Tank Arena
Game Heli Support
Heli Support
Game Huge Cannon
Huge Cannon
Game Jacksmith
Game Takeover
Game World war 2 the sniper
World war 2 the sniper
Game World War 2 Sniper
World War 2 Sniper
Game Tank Attack - Destructions
Tank Attack - Destructions
Game Call of Duty
Call of Duty
Game Bomber at War
Bomber at War
Game S.W.A.T. Tank
S.W.A.T. Tank
Game Penguin Wars 2
Penguin Wars 2
Game Avatar arena
Avatar arena
Game Ultimate Tank War
Ultimate Tank War
Game Plough The Skies
Plough The Skies
Game Warfare 1944
Warfare 1944
Game Bug War 2
Bug War 2
Game Militia Wars
Militia Wars
Game Toyz Warz
Toyz Warz
Game Warfare 1917
Warfare 1917
Game Tank War 1943
Tank War 1943
Game Helicops
Game Colonial Wars
Colonial Wars
Game Jets Force Defensive
Jets Force Defensive
Game Word war 2
Word war 2
Game Naval Strike
Naval Strike
Game Feudalism 2
Feudalism 2
Game Plants  vs Zombies
Plants vs Zombies
Game Tank Destroyer 2
Tank Destroyer 2
Game WWII Stalingrad
WWII Stalingrad
Game Rambo The Assassin
Rambo The Assassin
Game Transformer Robot War
Transformer Robot War
Game Tank Destroyer
Tank Destroyer
Game Rail of War
Rail of War
Game The War Cry
The War Cry
Game Military Helicopter
Military Helicopter
Game Toy Wars
Toy Wars
Game Beach Defense
Beach Defense
Game Legion of Red Wolves
Legion of Red Wolves
Game Heavy Legion
Heavy Legion
Game Deadly Neighbors 2
Deadly Neighbors 2
Game Last Tank Standing
Last Tank Standing
Game Battle Gear
Battle Gear
Game Tank 2008
Tank 2008
Game Endless war series
Endless war series
Game Dino Attack
Dino Attack
Game Navy Glory
Navy Glory
Game Warfare 1944
Warfare 1944
Game Artillery Live
Artillery Live
Game Black Navy War 2
Black Navy War 2
Game Tank storm 2
Tank storm 2
Game Dash'n Knights
Dash'n Knights
Game Galaxy Guard
Galaxy Guard
Game Blitzkrieg
Game City at combat
City at combat
Game Captain USA
Captain USA
Game Flying fortress
Flying fortress
Game Mass Mayhem 4 Hacked
Mass Mayhem 4 Hacked
Game Giants and Dwarves TD
Giants and Dwarves TD
Game Tank Warfare
Tank Warfare
Game Star Wars
Star Wars
Game Battle Gear 3
Battle Gear 3
Game Tentacle Wars
Tentacle Wars
Game Battle for Darkness
Battle for Darkness
Game Last Tank Standing
Last Tank Standing
Game Metal Slug: Run!
Metal Slug: Run!
Game Golf Solitaire
Golf Solitaire
Game Command and Defend
Command and Defend
Game Combat Tanks
Combat Tanks
Game The Great War
The Great War
Game Urban Warfare 2
Urban Warfare 2
Game Army Copter
Army Copter
Game Castle wars
Castle wars
Game Feudalism 3
Feudalism 3
Game Drago War
Drago War
Game Battleship by Gameonade
Battleship by Gameonade
Game No humanz
No humanz
Game Platoon 2: 3 Day on War
Platoon 2: 3 Day on War
Game Yoda Battle Slash - Star Wars
Yoda Battle Slash - Star Wars
Game Conquerors
Game Cube Wars
Cube Wars
Game Cruiser
Game Helicopter Strike Force
Helicopter Strike Force
Game Cards Wars
Cards Wars
Game Bug War Recolonize
Bug War Recolonize
Game Battle Over Berlin 2
Battle Over Berlin 2
Game Boat Invasion
Boat Invasion
Game Bazooka Battle 2
Bazooka Battle 2
Game Endless War 5
Endless War 5
Game Commando 3
Commando 3
Game Microbe Combat
Microbe Combat
Game Flash Strike
Flash Strike
Game War Lords
War Lords
Game Myth War 2
Myth War 2
Game Tank 2010
Tank 2010
Game Trench Defence
Trench Defence
Game Shooter Wave and Packages
Shooter Wave and Packages
Game Armor Warrior Battle
Armor Warrior Battle
Game Angel of The Battlefield 2
Angel of The Battlefield 2
Game Flash Halo CTF
Flash Halo CTF
Game The Great War
The Great War
Game Bomber At War - 2
Bomber At War - 2
Game Shadez 2: Battle for Earth
Shadez 2: Battle for Earth
Game Red Code
Red Code
Game King's Game
King's Game
Game Baby and tank
Baby and tank
Game Tanks
Game HQ Guardians
HQ Guardians
Game Penguin Wars
Penguin Wars
Game Proteus Defense
Proteus Defense
Game Modern Tactics
Modern Tactics
Game Epic War 5
Epic War 5
Game New Metal Slug
New Metal Slug
Game Bubble Tanks 3
Bubble Tanks 3

Games about the war - play for free online

It seems that the war was so long ago, but have lived up to the present day veterans remind us that it was just one man`s life back, and you realize - it was just recently! Festival May 9 - is not only a great day of victory, this day of mourning for those who are not destined to meet with us. War - it is a great tragedy in our country, affecting every family. Repetition of stories does not want one, and it is better to be a virtual hero than real. But, nevertheless, the people who were born in the postwar years, sometimes you want to see the events with their own eyes, and possibly contribute to the liberation of his native land from enemy invaders. To satisfy this desire, the creators of computer games developed and produced all the new games on the events of World War II. War online games are very popular, and players want to win just as fiercely as ever our grandfathers and great grandfathers. Many hold war games more realistic, and include historic campaign, the weapons used and the types of forces that correspond to events of different wars. Play a game of war has always been a male prerogative. Starting with the boyish age, they prefer shooting games, and he grew up, move on to more serious game, with multi-level strategy, close to real time. Seeing this trend continued popularity of this genre of games, developers, releasing a new product, watch his progress. If he finds his fans, the rate appears to continue in other parts. For example, the game "Behind Enemy Lines," will be continued in the second version of "Band of Brothers," Desert Fox "and" Second World "," World War II. Normandy. " These computer games of the genre Action, developed by Ukrainian Best Way. Games are made with high quality and very realistic. In favor of realism may include factors such as social distancing shot exhaustible supply of fuel and ammunition, limited use and availability of a soldier subjects, and also affects fatigue soldiers during long passages. When fired in a tank or other military equipment, it goes down depending on the place of defeat, and if not completely destroyed, it can be repaired. Back in the game has a stock of arms and ammunition belt to him. According to the scenario in the game "Behind Enemy Lines" four different campaigns, "Katyusha" Project America, The Road to Berlin, Tiger Rage. In the campaign, "Katyusha", the player is on the side of the Soviet Union in 1942 during the attack on Kharkov. The project America, you take command of the British saboteurs who had crossed the English Channel in order to destroy the V-3 - the new German rocket model. The Road to Berlin - a game in the role of Americans during "Operation Market-Garden." And finally, Tiger Rage, 1944, throws you in the direction of the German troops. Game of World War II differ quite a big variety. The game "World of Tanks» (World of Tanks) - online multiplayer game going in real time, and the genre is defined as an arcade tank simulator developers and is positioned as an action that has elements of strategy, role-playing game and shooter. The game is entertaining batch tank battles of different campaigns. It is better to play in the war than to leave it. There is nothing more precious than the peace of the sky above his head and a happy childhood for our children. If you like this genre of games in the Second World War, and the real war will never let us no longer affected.