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Game Alyosha Popovich
Alyosha Popovich
Game Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen
Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen
Game Three bogatyrs
Three bogatyrs
Game Hero Alyosha
Hero Alyosha

Three heroes of the game - play for free online

Igry Three Warriors: The New Adventures

* It's time to escape from overseas supermen who find strength through scientific experimentation. Game Three heroes offer to return to family and familiar heroes born in the Russian legends.

  • Nikitich Ilya Muromets
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  • Alyosha Popovich & nbsp;
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    ih weaned native land, giving unprecedented strength and sense of duty. They do not have superpowers, like western characters, and to win the Nightingale the Robber, Koshchey, Goblin, Baba Yaga, and the snake Gorynycha Kikimora, it is enough wit and sharp sword. 3 They do not even need to go to the gym to build muscle, they have Bouguereau under his shirt, even when for 33 years has to lie on the stove, as it was with Ilya Muromets. Perhaps in the water there are some growth hormones, or in the air flying some controversy, stimulants, but the heroes are always huge and powerful, and the whole Russia relies only on them when attacked by another pest. Studio"Mill"in 2004 removed the animated series with full- series about the adventures of the heroic trio, and they had already come out computer games Three heroes.

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    Players interested in variety, not only subjects, but also genres. Having a passion for a certain direction, sometimes still want something new. Toys based on the movie kept the humor inherent in the original and offer some of the most requested topics:

      * Action - Adventure 5 Coloring ^ ^ Puzzles ^ Puzzle 1 ^And the products with the same name can be presented in several genres, such as the game Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen & ndash; Coloring and quest. Ilya, Nikita and Alyosha you go to feats to reclaim his throne, the Prince, who had encroached on the eastern Beauty & ndash; Shamahanskaya queen. 3 events coming saturated. Each meeting brings information and reference, and to implement them, will solve puzzles, put"three in a row,"the middle ages to visit England and look there is Robin Hood, to get an audience with the Emperor of China, to look into hell and paradise to visit. All this against the backdrop of a beautiful painting landscapes to be explored.

      plot of the game Three heroes on the distant shores presented in the puzzles and strategy in which players fight with goblins, protecting them from their settlement. Prince helps to understand the details, and then leaves you in the hope that you are smart enough to cope with the work. It is necessary to extract the gold in the mine and repel the attacks of the enemy. Your skills and energy will be better if periodically go to the menu increases.

      Traces heroes

      Start Three heroes of the game to play and you will meet with himself the Nightingale the Robber, who whistled and intimidated destroyed all life around. Now he has stolen the royal treasury, and the heroes were called to the rescue. This is a toy for speed and attentiveness. Substitute in the running lines with the desired cell shape, will not disappear until filled.

      games Free Three heroes will call on long journeys, in which brave heroes will meet with the pirates. Make your knight's move, collecting golden coins and fighting bandits, until it has been the mission & ndash; filling the coffers of gold. 3 Knowing silushku heroic enemies attack them the whole crowd. Alyosha Popovich can strongly get if you do not turn away from the avalanche of arrows and blows of swords, when the faithful horse rescue Julia.

      * 2 When you get tired all the time and be on the lookout for someone to save, start with calm toy story and paint the serpent Gorynycha and three heroes, fold puzzles in three women characters and moments of brave exploits of the characters.