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Game Calimero: Tetris
Calimero: Tetris
Game Angry Birds: Tetris
Angry Birds: Tetris
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Transformers: Tetris
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Game Four Blocks
Four Blocks
Game Free tetris
Free tetris
Game Final Fantasy VII: Tetris
Final Fantasy VII: Tetris
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Tetris Ages
Game Drop 3
Drop 3
Game Circular Tetris
Circular Tetris
Game Just A Basic Tetris
Just A Basic Tetris
Game Arix Tetris
Arix Tetris
Game Color Tetris
Color Tetris

Tetris game online

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Game Regular Show: Bowling Tetris
Regular Show: Bowling Tetris
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Tuper Tario Tros
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Candy Bricks
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Fireworks columns
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3D Tetris
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Russian tetris
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Head of Tris
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Crash down
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Ninja turtles: Tetris
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Classic Tetris
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Сrash Down
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Tower Supremo
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Vanquish Those Viruses
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Fine Blocks
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Tetri Tower
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Tetrix 2
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Tetris Smeshariks
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Math tetris
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Tetris The Bubbles
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Simple tetris game
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Tetris Sprint
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Falling Machine
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Star Crystals
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Coral Cup 2
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Mario Tetris 3
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Tetris Cuboid 3D
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Pile of Balls
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Firework Columns
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Game in cubes with Mary
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Thirsty Parrot Remixed
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Phineas and Ferb Tetris
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Monster High Tetris
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Tetris Rules
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Starry sky Tetris
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Dr. House
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Armor Trigger 2
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Pentomino Puzzle
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Colorful Box Puzzle
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Falling color squares
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Game Tetris
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Speedy Blocks
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Sky Factory
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Tetris Race
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Warehouse Bricks
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Tetromino Laboratory
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PicTrix Transport
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Pop A Cap
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Tetrix 7
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Boom Box
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Tetris version 1.0
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SNT tris
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Pictrix Math
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Tetris light edition
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Big time butter barow
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Column Breaker
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Columns Master 2
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Po's awesome appetite
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A simple tetris game
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Code breaker
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Tetris For My Mom
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Cherry Bomb
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Dock Tris
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Scooby Doo Jelly Factory
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Tower Game
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Draw Gem Stones
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Classical Tetris
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Tetris Arcade
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Building School
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Tetris 64 k
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Sonic Hero Puzzle
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Zodiac tower
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Note Snake
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God of Tetris
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Elite Tetris
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Farting Snake
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Tetris Beta
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Warehouse Bricks
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Hell: tetris
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Tetris Craze
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Rookie King
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Portal Stacker
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Portal Tetris
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Christmas Stack-a-thon
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Donkey Kong Tetris
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Flat-Pack Frankie

Tetris game - play for free online

The history and objectives of the Tetris game

Тетрис 2 The game of Tetris is familiar to all, but few know that it came up with the Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, and he suggested the idea of ​​the game pentamino. In the classic Tetris figures of different shapes fall to the bottom of a rectangular field and stop, or have reached the bottom of the figure lying there.

The objective and task of Tetris put all the figures one by one so that they are tightly pressed against each other without leaving a gap. For this purpose, during the fall of the next figure, it can be rotated three hundred sixty degrees around its axis, turning the most appropriate party. During the game, the speed gradually increases, forcing the player to move faster. For each figure correctly loaded, the player receives at the expense of glasses, so his job is to score the most points. It continues to play as long as there are free squares on the playing field and the ability to fill them with falling figures.

In the popular version of Tetris nineties, when filled with figures of the field and formed a continuous line, these lines were removed from the field, making room for the following figures. For a correctly loaded figure added few points, but the line brought them much more, but everything depended on the speed of the game options turn of the figures and the number of lines harvested at a time:

  • One line is cleaned brought a hundred points;
  • two - three hundred
  • The three lines - seven hundred points;
  • The four - fifteen hundred. [eleven]

The popular game today

Тетрис 1 Today, the computer game Tetris has been modified in different versions, and can be seen in the most unexpected and bizarre ways. But most importantly, that it became accessible to all, and you can play Tetris for free.

When Alexey Pajitnov invented his own version of Tetris, it is unlikely he guessed that over time the game will get as many areas of the story. Figures correct geometric shapes transformed into a variety of forms and took the form of everyday objects and living beings. Sophisticated fancy of developers leads to a rather unexpected results. There are stories to suit all tastes, for example, space or building subjects. When a crane is necessary to stack blocks of different shapes in particular the most suitable location.

Select Tetris on your taste

Тетрис 3 You can feel the spirit of ancient civilizations, stacking blocks or figures in the form of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Option with colored figures, not only brings additional complexity, but also a pleasant visual perception. All the complexity is that you not only have to align to create an intricate piece solid line, and combine it with them by color. These one-color solid lines will disappear, making room for the following manipulations, and, of course, bring you points. You can play Tetris for free any version.

prefer the classics? We have prepared for you and this option. And so you did not miss on the way to school or service, your service mobile version of Tetris. Tetris is available to play online for free at home, at work and on the road. Spending time at this puzzle and exciting game, you will not notice, like a flash, it will run. Tetris game play allows not only for entertainment, but also as a training manual on geography. In this version of the game on the field will fall no ordinary dice, and the countries and continents, which you should send to their relatives, legal places. The game has three difficulty levels. Play and remember lessons of school geography. A very confident the players can play Tetris online 3D.