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Game Strikeforce Kitty League: Hacked
Strikeforce Kitty League: Hacked

Strikeforce Kitty Online Games

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Game Strikeforce Kitty League: Hacked
Strikeforce Kitty League: Hacked

Games Strikeforce Kitty - play for free online

kittens shock troops marching toward adventure

B strike force games to play for free kittens enjoy both children and their parents. Once a world where heroes were fluffy pets, all users will entertain yourself adventures in which courageous heroes are sent on a journey in order to comply with the order of King Kotov and save fairyland. This is no easy task, as players can pump their heroes, they produce clothing that makes them stronger and gives super powers. On the way they meet a lot of different enemies and opponents, the battle which will bring different bonus items. The characters also need to closely monitor their health level is high. The shock troops kittens games to play online, you can all day, as has already released four versions, and starting with the first version of the game, it will take time to get it to the latest version and pass all game. The quality of games at a high level, so start with the latest version does not make sense, since players can prolong the pleasure for a long time. * 3 In this section the shock troops of kittens playing with cheats, which are suitable for young players, as to pass the levels, to develop their characters in these versions is much easier. Fans of challenges, who like to deal with the challenges thrown by developers, will find the same full version of the problem in their most severe, and at times difficult to pass.

Review parts of the game shock troops kittens

game begins shock troops kittens 1 with the fact that in the kingdom of King riots and sent to fight the enemies of the four most cats fighting in the kingdom, they must defeat the rebels and thieves to find food for the remainder of the population fluffy. Cute seals of different colors popping out of the castle, the walls of which are full of fish, and they need to maneuver between enemies climbing up and down to collect the milk, not to die of starvation, and all kinds of objects from the collection of clothes, they give strength and develops the skills and a full set of abilities and super cat. Each character can be a gift:

^I 0 One set creates a valiant knight with physician skills; 1 * 10 Second, the label crossbowman; 1 * 10 Other confers the ability to just two shots; 11 ^ * There are 10 gift sharp vision, which will help to see hidden traps. 1 8 ^Game shock troops kittens 2 continues the glorious exploits of cats & ndash; warriors. The heroes of this time involved in the war with cunning red aggressors foxes. The authors added to the second part of the new costumes, opening more opportunities for players and made more complex version of the previous one, in the belief that the majority of fans are already trained in the first game.
Game shock troops kittens 3 differs from the first two parts so that the enemies have become mercenaries raccoons, but win by brute force without the development of the strategy and tactics of war as the cats did not fail. In this part of the castle kingdom furry attack, and run longer. Familiar heroes to defend his right not departing from the gate. Houses and walls help from doctors kingdom popping up and the costumes have been collected into sets, so it is time to dress only in the detachment of fighters.
Game shock troops kittens 4 Champions League takes players on a great royal arena where there are enemies, cats and raccoons soldiers, they will have a meeting face to face in a deadly duel. In this project, the player can already give the name of each kitten, and for them to become not just the owner, but a real coach who follow the diet, training and equipping their team of warriors.