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Game Steven Universe: Golden fever
Steven Universe: Golden fever
Game Steven Universe: Goat guardian
Steven Universe: Goat guardian

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Game Steven Universe: Goat guardian
Steven Universe: Goat guardian
Game Steven Universe: Golden fever
Steven Universe: Golden fever

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The Universe Stephen – fantastic history

The company Cartoon Network, launched in 2013 to show a cartoon series called The Universe Stephen. Despite the fact that it was designed for a young audience of his plot and characters loved by audiences and adults. Rebecca Sugar American cartoonist in the project and acted as a writer and as an artist.
The history of the series tells the story of a boy Stephen universe. It was half an orphan, as his mother died, and her secret was that she belonged to the GEM team, the saviors of the planet Earth. On the planet there are still three members of the rescue team, they took custody of a plump boy that would teach him to use his strength and become one of the team members.
The team includes three gems girl, they hide inside a magical gem, their mission to save the earth from evil, and the stones have magical powers that team members can use if necessary. Each character in this story is the character

  • Stephen – child born of two different creatures, his father Greg Universe ordinary man, and his mother Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone. Steven Universe is very kind and good boy, love him all the inhabitants of the Beach Cities, he perfectly plays the ukulele and sings;
  • Garnet – Crystal Gem, a mixture of ruby ​​and sapphire, it protects the Earth more than five thousand years and is a leader in the team. Very serious, her iron will;
  • Amethyst – Full girl, very cheerful;
  • Pearl – brain center command fragile smart girl knows a lot, well planned rescue operations;
  • Greg – Steven's father, the owner of the car wash. It is simple-minded and a little wind and not collected.

The very cute series filmed in a fantastic manner, there is no fairy-tale landscapes, just an ordinary town, but miracles happen every step, for example, ordinary people are not surprised when Stephen suddenly appear kittens instead of fingers.

Games Universe Stephen in the computer world

The authors and developers of computer online projects could not calmly watch how events develop in the history of Stephen and released based on the series of the game universe Stephen. They are attended by the protagonist and his companions from the rescue teams of the planet Earth. Online flash games are absolutely free, you can play them without downloading to the hard drive of the computer and without registration before the start of the adventure. In the flash versions of the game universe Stephen there are no restrictions, and you can easily spend a lot of time having fun. The graphics in these colorful and bright, so children and adults will love.
In the game universe Stephen very entertaining play, as the main character, you can wander through the fabulous world, performing a variety of tasks and defeating evil. In the game « Steven Universe: Gold Rush » must be skillfully managing the character to collect gold coins, and in the project « Universe Stivín: goatherd », the player will save the goat, overcoming all difficulties and not much more. Online games universe Stephen – is a great pastime, adult computer entertainment during a break from everyday worries and problems, turned their attention to virtual worlds. Children in addition to rest and develop logical thinking, fine motor skills of hands, the reaction speed, attention, memory and many other useful abilities. The best and most skillful players get on the top of rating tables, or can simply share the results with friends and friends.
Depending on the genre of the game's story and universe Stephen migrate users to other realities and worlds in which there is a place and a fairy tale, and super heroes and magic, and magic.