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Game Airport rush
Airport rush
Game Janes hotel mania
Janes hotel mania
Game Minion family: Birthday party
Minion family: Birthday party
Game Go shopping
Go shopping
Game Cargo shipment San Francisco
Cargo shipment San Francisco
Game Valet Parking L.A
Valet Parking L.A
Game My Pet Protector 2
My Pet Protector 2
Game Monster Breeding
Monster Breeding
Game School-Daze
Game RoboTechnic
Game Mutant Seed Alpha
Mutant Seed Alpha
Game GatherX
Game Christmas Slacking 2014
Christmas Slacking 2014
Game Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age
Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age
Game Frozen baby. Summer bath
Frozen baby. Summer bath

Simulator games online life

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Game Talking Tom Cat 3
Talking Tom Cat 3
Game Shopaholic Models
Shopaholic Models
Game Talking Tom Valentine
Talking Tom Valentine
Game Holly's Magical Garden
Holly's Magical Garden
Game Operate Now Appendix Surgery
Operate Now Appendix Surgery
Game Baby Hazel Funtime
Baby Hazel Funtime
Game Baby Hazel New Year Party
Baby Hazel New Year Party
Game Oggy Moshi
Oggy Moshi
Game Baby Brushing Time
Baby Brushing Time
Game Baby Lulu Bathing
Baby Lulu Bathing
Game Jacksmith
Game Shopaholic: Hollywood
Shopaholic: Hollywood
Game Operate Now!Leg Surgery
Operate Now!Leg Surgery
Game Kids Play Park
Kids Play Park
Game Virtual Knee Surgery
Virtual Knee Surgery
Game Mama Dog
Mama Dog
Game Choo Choons
Choo Choons
Game Baby Hazel. Summer fun
Baby Hazel. Summer fun
Game Kindergarden
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Dora Baby Bath
Game Heart Surgery
Heart Surgery
Game Create Simpson
Create Simpson
Game KinderGarten
Game Queen of Flirting
Queen of Flirting
Game Youda Survivor
Youda Survivor
Game Safari
Game Rock Out
Rock Out
Game Blue Ribbon Bash
Blue Ribbon Bash
Game Meet the Parents Makeover
Meet the Parents Makeover
Game Baby Hair Salon Spa
Baby Hair Salon Spa
Game Super Mom 2
Super Mom 2
Game My new younger sister
My new younger sister
Game Kindergarten HD
Kindergarten HD
Game The Pet Hospital
The Pet Hospital
Game Naughty Babysitter
Naughty Babysitter
Game Money Tree
Money Tree
Game Farm Mania 2
Farm Mania 2
Game Jane's Hotel Mania
Jane's Hotel Mania
Game My wonderful farm
My wonderful farm
Game The Farmer
The Farmer
Game Mermaid Wedding
Mermaid Wedding
Game Farm Frenzy 3
Farm Frenzy 3
Game Duck life
Duck life
Game Sim Girl (b 2.0)
Sim Girl (b 2.0)
Game My New Town
My New Town
Game Cinderella Sleeping
Cinderella Sleeping
Game Doggy day care
Doggy day care
Game Obstacle Car Parking
Obstacle Car Parking
Game 7 Dates
7 Dates
Game Castle Restaurant
Castle Restaurant
Game Douchebag: Beach Club
Douchebag: Beach Club
Game Fish And Serve :Northwest Trout Edition
Fish And Serve :Northwest Trout Edition
Game Selena Gomez Perfect Teeth
Selena Gomez Perfect Teeth
Game Baby Baby
Baby Baby
Game Angelina Jolie at the Dentist
Angelina Jolie at the Dentist
Game Gala Hotel
Gala Hotel
Game Kindergarten
Game Stick Tennis
Stick Tennis
Game Baby Care Rush
Baby Care Rush
Game Cute baby bathing
Cute baby bathing
Game Choose Your Pus
Choose Your Pus
Game Flower Care
Flower Care
Game Oceanpark Manager
Oceanpark Manager
Game Airport Madness 4
Airport Madness 4
Game New York taxi parking
New York taxi parking
Game The Baby Care
The Baby Care
Game Cute Jumbo Care
Cute Jumbo Care
Game Happy Hair Dresser 3
Happy Hair Dresser 3
Game Shop Empire 2
Shop Empire 2
Game Dress Up Shop Spring Collection
Dress Up Shop Spring Collection
Game Veggie Playground
Veggie Playground
Game Duck Care
Duck Care
Game Happy Baby
Happy Baby
Game Super Baby Sitter
Super Baby Sitter
Game Wiggi Taxi
Wiggi Taxi
Game Jasmins World
Jasmins World
Game Frenzy Hotel 2
Frenzy Hotel 2
Game Bay Restaurant
Bay Restaurant
Game CityVille
Game Nightclub Clean Up
Nightclub Clean Up
Game SimCar 3D
SimCar 3D
Game Perfect Pair
Perfect Pair
Game Janes Realty
Janes Realty
Game Fish Tycoon
Fish Tycoon
Game 3D Speed Driver
3D Speed Driver
Game Simulator Of Life Of Spider
Simulator Of Life Of Spider
Game My Sweet Baby 2
My Sweet Baby 2
Game A parody of the Windows
A parody of the Windows
Game Perfect Hair Hollywood Style
Perfect Hair Hollywood Style
Game DuckLife 3: Evolution
DuckLife 3: Evolution
Game Kindergarten
Game Fab Tattoo Artist 2
Fab Tattoo Artist 2
Game Factory Kingdom
Factory Kingdom
Game Tiny Piranha
Tiny Piranha
Game Dorm Room Clean Up
Dorm Room Clean Up
Game Retro Cafe
Retro Cafe
Game Ali In Da Club
Ali In Da Club
Game My Wonderful Farm
My Wonderful Farm
Game Fishdom 3
Fishdom 3
Game First Date Makeover
First Date Makeover
Game Office Slacking 1
Office Slacking 1
Game Burger Jam
Burger Jam
Game What is up
What is up
Game Ice Cream Fight
Ice Cream Fight
Game Shoujo manga avatar creator:Pajamas
Shoujo manga avatar creator:Pajamas
Game Death Row
Death Row
Game Baby Elephant Day Care
Baby Elephant Day Care
Game Pou washing toys
Pou washing toys
Game Parallel parking
Parallel parking
Game Baby Care Rush
Baby Care Rush
Game Jennifer Babysitter 2
Jennifer Babysitter 2
Game Nicoles Mommy Challenge
Nicoles Mommy Challenge
Game Real sim girl 1
Real sim girl 1
Game Super Babysitter
Super Babysitter
Game DuckLife 2: World Champion
DuckLife 2: World Champion
Game Sara's Cooking Class: Falafel
Sara's Cooking Class: Falafel
Game Zoo Frenzy
Zoo Frenzy
Game 010 World cup prep
010 World cup prep
Game Franky The Fish
Franky The Fish
Game Super Diver
Super Diver

Life Simulation Games - Play free online

Games Simulations of life, what are they?

Симуляторы жизни 1 Games Simulations of life - a genre of computer games where the player has to manage one or more virtual characters. In contrast to the economic strategies, Life simulators do not carry a specific purpose. Their main task is to meet urgent needs. In these simulations, the player will develop the genetics of living beings and to model for them a comfortable living environment. All the familiar game of The Sims is a shining example of this genre where the characters:

  • built seven
  • had children and animals
  • cared for the garden;
  • to go to school and to work;
  • to communicate with friends;
  • ate, bathed, slept and watched TV.

In general, we do all the things that make ordinary people in ordinary life. Today, on the internet you will find quite a lot of games simulation of life, where the main characters act like people and animals, fish and even insects. Rules of the game are simple, but it is necessary to look carefully at the level of the scale of their lives and needs.

Despite the seeming simplicity is not always possible to notice and time to resolve the parameters of the character. As soon as you try to satisfy his hunger and thirst, he suddenly is willing to do anything else.

Create your own planet

Симуляторы жизни 2 Very nice game of life simulation genre "Living Planet» («The Living Planet»), which was developed and released in 1990, Maxis. In the game you will become almost God and to develop the planet, creating favorable conditions in it for life, and that it must evolve. Very similar on the idea of ​​a game Spore, developed by the same studio and released by Electronic Arts. This game became a celebrity even before its publication. Initially, life began in a droplet of water, and billions of years of evolution have led to the planet became what it is today. In the game Spore, this process accelerated, and starting from the microscopic bacteria, you develop a life on the planet so that it will soon begin to explore the space. Please choose one of six planets available, which will sow life. You can choose the origin of life phase of the cell and go through the whole process of improvement, but you can skip it, and, starting immediately with the primitive creatures. Choosing a cage, you choose what it will be - herbivorous or carnivorous.

Features gameplay

Симуляторы жизни 3 To survive, cells need to eat depending on their eating habits - smaller organisms or algae less, but most do not try to be someone's dinner. As the transformation will be necessary to mating and reproduction. When the creature will come to the land, will have to take his transfiguration - attach legs and other organs, it is necessary not only for the operation, but also provide protection from enemies:

  • spikes;
  • fangs;
  • claws and so on.

Build a nest, call upon the opposite sex to marriage games, to acquire offspring, unite in flocks, and avoid predators. The next stage will be the union of the tribes in that and you have to manage. Give them a new look, clothes and tools. Next, you will build up their level of civilization, and finally, output space. While a player can receive bonuses and a super-power. These and other simulations are waiting for you. Choose your virtual creature and become God, playing games simulators life.