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Game Bad Pig: The bombing
Bad Pig: The bombing
Game Angry Birds Destroy pigs bad
Angry Birds Destroy pigs bad
Game Naughty angry bird
Naughty angry bird
Game HelloVinks
Game Transformers: Cybertron
Transformers: Cybertron
Game Deep Jungle
Deep Jungle
Game Lego: Battle
Lego: Battle
Game Cima race
Cima race
Game Clan Temple Lions
Clan Temple Lions
Game Lego motorcycles
Lego motorcycles
Game Lego Avenger
Lego Avenger
Game Lego: The Bionic on the trail
Lego: The Bionic on the trail
Game Iron Attack
Iron Attack
Game Shooting Batman
Shooting Batman
Game Bionicle Jaller
Bionicle Jaller

Games Shooters online

The best New By rating
Game Special Trooper Forces Level Pack
Special Trooper Forces Level Pack
Game Rapid Gun
Rapid Gun
Game 3D Swat
3D Swat
Game Killers on Blocks
Killers on Blocks
Game Sift Heads World Act 1
Sift Heads World Act 1
Game Counter Strike Sniper
Counter Strike Sniper
Game Hunting Super Mario
Hunting Super Mario
Game Terrorist Band 2
Terrorist Band 2
Game Bad Apple shooting
Bad Apple shooting
Game Modern Trooper Shooter
Modern Trooper Shooter
Game Battlefield Escape
Battlefield Escape
Game Special Combat Operation 2
Special Combat Operation 2
Game Huge Cannon
Huge Cannon
Game Twilight Sparkle: Pest Exterminator
Twilight Sparkle: Pest Exterminator
Game The Red Baron 1918
The Red Baron 1918
Game Skyfighters
Game Cross Fire Sniper King 2
Cross Fire Sniper King 2
Game Camperstrike
Game Call of Duty
Call of Duty
Game Sniper 3
Sniper 3
Game One Man Army 2
One Man Army 2
Game Super Sergeant Shooter 3 Level Pack
Super Sergeant Shooter 3 Level Pack
Game Laser Cannon
Laser Cannon
Game Sift Heads World
Sift Heads World
Game Shoot Green Piggy
Shoot Green Piggy
Game Terminator
Game Wartog Rampage
Wartog Rampage
Game 2112 Cooperation 3
2112 Cooperation 3
Game Toyz Warz
Toyz Warz
Game Accurate Krosh
Accurate Krosh
Game Helicops
Game Spiderman - Save the Town
Spiderman - Save the Town
Game Cross Fire M4A1 Thunder
Cross Fire M4A1 Thunder
Game Transformers Takedown
Transformers Takedown
Game Hitman for hire
Hitman for hire
Game Shoot Them All
Shoot Them All
Game Ex Sniper
Ex Sniper
Game Cross Fire Sniper King
Cross Fire Sniper King
Game Twin Shot 2 - Good And Evil
Twin Shot 2 - Good And Evil
Game Head Hunter Super Sniper
Head Hunter Super Sniper
Game Cross Fire
Cross Fire
Game WWII Stalingrad
WWII Stalingrad
Game CS King of Zombies
CS King of Zombies
Game Rambo The Assassin
Rambo The Assassin
Game Save The Spiderman
Save The Spiderman
Game Rabbit Sniper 2
Rabbit Sniper 2
Game Angry Pig
Angry Pig
Game CF Аttacks
CF Аttacks
Game Urban Sniper 4
Urban Sniper 4
Game Turkey Shooter 3D
Turkey Shooter 3D
Game Robot hunter
Robot hunter
Game Legion of Red Wolves
Legion of Red Wolves
Game The Simpsons Bart Rulez
The Simpsons Bart Rulez
Game TH Cross Fire 1.2
TH Cross Fire 1.2
Game Foxy Sniper 2
Foxy Sniper 2
Game Spiders attack
Spiders attack
Game Super Natural: Devil's Gate 
Super Natural: Devil's Gate 
Game Brave Gunmen
Brave Gunmen
Game Galaxy Guard
Galaxy Guard
Game Blitzkrieg
Game City at combat
City at combat
Game Stickman Sam 4
Stickman Sam 4
Game Ironman 2
Ironman 2
Game elite forces
elite forces
Game Forces Speciales
Forces Speciales
Game Counter Strike De Remains
Counter Strike De Remains
Game Дак Huntin '
Дак Huntin '
Game Fish Shooter
Fish Shooter
Game S.W.A.T. Rescue Team
S.W.A.T. Rescue Team
Game Road Assault 3
Road Assault 3
Game Last Tank Standing
Last Tank Standing
Game A Parting Shot
A Parting Shot
Game Dogfight Aces
Dogfight Aces
Game Typing Of The Living Dead
Typing Of The Living Dead
Game Plazma Burst
Plazma Burst
Game Doomsday Shooter
Doomsday Shooter
Game Abutu The Hunter
Abutu The Hunter
Game Tuer Tuer Tuer
Tuer Tuer Tuer
Game Kill Impz
Kill Impz
Game Darts vs Fatty
Darts vs Fatty
Game S.W.A.T.
Game Helicopter Strike Force
Helicopter Strike Force
Game Rage of Dragon
Rage of Dragon
Game Boat Invasion
Boat Invasion
Game Sonic Assault
Sonic Assault
Game Pod Chase
Pod Chase
Game Turkey Hunt
Turkey Hunt
Game Flash Strike
Flash Strike
Game Bear Two Bomb Baldheaded Strong
Bear Two Bomb Baldheaded Strong
Game Days 2 Die
Days 2 Die
Game The Simpsons Shooting
The Simpsons Shooting
Game Trench Defence
Trench Defence
Game Shooter Wave and Packages
Shooter Wave and Packages
Game Beat Up Mushroom Men
Beat Up Mushroom Men
Game Flash Halo CTF
Flash Halo CTF
Game Paper Planes
Paper Planes
Game Sift Heads: Remasterized
Sift Heads: Remasterized
Game Counter Strike Alexandra
Counter Strike Alexandra
Game Flying Birds Hunter
Flying Birds Hunter
Game Hans vs Franz Bubble
Hans vs Franz Bubble
Game Robocop target practice
Robocop target practice
Game Modern War
Modern War
Game Dead End
Dead End
Game Kill The Voodoo Doll
Kill The Voodoo Doll
Game CS: Night Strike Command
CS: Night Strike Command
Game Bubbler
Game Dark Ops Shooter
Dark Ops Shooter
Game Indian Outlaw
Indian Outlaw
Game Rebel Fortress Survival
Rebel Fortress Survival
Game Resident evel apocalypse
Resident evel apocalypse
Game Zombie Waves
Zombie Waves
Game Targets Room
Targets Room
Game Save The Batman
Save The Batman
Game Agh Zombies
Agh Zombies
Game Sift Heads: Remasterized New
Sift Heads: Remasterized New
Game Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
Game Counter Strike De Heikka
Counter Strike De Heikka
Game Stormtrooper Attack
Stormtrooper Attack
Game Alien Hunt: human version
Alien Hunt: human version
Game Mini Fighter
Mini Fighter

Shooter games - play free online

Шутеры 1 Speaking about the genre of "shooter", you know that now it goes to the games where the gameplay is based on the battle with weapons.

  • The single-user, the player controls one character and fight against computer bots;
  • multiplayer, where the game is attended several players and lead the fight command.

    If the first option has already lost its relevance and is often a linear schedule and the primitive actions in the second case, the game went to a new stage of development and are more layered, with volume graphics and complex transitions.

    Шутеры 2 However, despite this conventional division, all subspecies of the genre are intertwined and interconnected. In an embodiment, a first person shooter, the player sees what is happening on the field, through the eyes of a computer character. This perception has brought the game to a new level, because no three-dimensional image that can not do. And computer makers had to make an effort to raise the machine specifications. Another important component of the first-person shooter can be called a presence in these multi-user mode. It became one of the pioneers of the genre of action games, which included a multiplayer mode over the network.

  • Shooters today

    Шутеры 3 To date, the game first-person shooters are the most successful commercial products. 3D-shooter can be decoded as: 3D - three dimensions, and the shooter - shooter (zhargy. shooter). The player is in a three-dimensional maze, which is bounded by walls, ceiling and floor, but there are exceptions. In this maze there are allies, enemies and neutral characters. The task of passing includes finding a way out of the maze and the transition to a new level. In the process you need to find the keys to the closed doors, hidden stroke, and destroy the enemy.

    In games with advanced tasks necessary to put explosives, solve puzzles and destroy enemies is not always feasible, since the main goal - to fulfill the mission. This approach can be seen in the game Call of Duty. The tactical shooter, which is also called a team, is a subgenre of 3D-shooter. The game in this shooter can occur from the first or third person. In some games you can find a mix mode where the player is switched by choosing the angle from the first or third person. The main difference between tactical shooters - it is the conduct of hostilities, close to the perception of reality.

    The game has the ability to create teams from other players or computer characters. Emphasis is on tactical shooter realism of the behavior of the weapons, and character interaction with the environment. This makes the game unique in the sense that, unlike other versions of it instead of a direct attack, you should use the tactics of battle, where the fire is better from a reliable shelter or go to the enemy rear. Tactical shooter games are also called "simulators soldier." As for the "bloody" shooter, its essence in the mass destruction of the enemy (mostly bots). In this case, the player must have plenty of room to maneuver.