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Game Raze 2
Raze 2

Game Raze online

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Game Raze 2
Raze 2

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Igry Reich: the war against the enemies

* Games Raise popular among fans of shooting in the maze of different military bases and abandoned landfills. This flash project deserves special attention, as it has many functions. Firstly, the authors suggest the user to choose whom he will play on the side of people or other beings and to identify with the original outfit your fighter. Secondly, during the game Raise can be pumped his character and improve weapons. Third, you can get excited about the game for a long time, as the authors of the project did not stop at one version, they created a continuation of the story, there is a game Raze 3, so starting with the first, the player can easily finish the adventure is only in the last version.

plot of the game is quite simple Raise, the player is on a military base, he was not alone, it is surrounded by a huge number of enemies:

    Soldiers ^; * 7 Zombie; Robots
  • ;
  • aliens, and so on.
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    They are fighting against the hero, but the player can take any direction and play, for example, zombies against all. The purpose of the game Raze clean base from aliens and destroy as many enemies, and this is set to counter the victims. * 17 for players who do not like difficulties or they wish to facilitate the passage in the section there Raze game with cheats, it does not work, or some added features, for example, you can add bullets and so they do not end or turn on invincibility. But to feel like a real warrior and a hero only in the original version.

    ^Raise Game Version 1

    Raze Game 1 begins with the selection of the hero, the user must give it a name, choose who he plays, and reflect on the original gear. After the fighter is ready, he goes on a journey to meet the enemy. The mission is clear, to kill enemies. The hero can move with the arrow keys, jump high enough, so he is not afraid of obstacles. Initially, he was given only the gun, but at first the enemy on his way weapons are not worse, so that as you progress through the corridors character finds a more powerful armor and deadly weapons. Importantly do not forget to collect kits, complementary health and shields, giving temporary invulnerability. His victory, and the user can observe the results in the evaluation table.

    7 Games Raze 2, is meant to facilitate and original version, the continuation of the first adventure, after winning the first part, the men frozen in a cryogenic chamber, but the villains are back and flooded the planet. Survivors had no choice as to revive an experienced fighter. He is the last character, and it determines the fate of all mankind. Raise Game 2 is a more modern as in the background recorded excellent dynamic music and sound effects of these hostilities added adrenaline during the passage of missions. * 17 Game 3 Raise again talks about the invasion of monsters and various extraterrestrial beings, but in this version the hero is not alone, he is now one of the group are known together is always easier to destroy enemies. Places on Earth destroyed and heroes go into an orbit that would defeat their enemies directly in their territory. After the briefing from the General of the Army, Space Marines begins its victorious mission. In addition to a wide variety of weapons in this version of the character has not yet been poorly managed with a sword that is always with him and does not require ammo. Once the player knows all the hardships of the savior, he opened the company where he can feel as a conqueror became a stranger. * All versions of the game 17 Raise very exciting, each of them has advantages and disadvantages, but they are tightened, and the player always will separate the pleasure of all the options.