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Game Pets: Swap
Pets: Swap
Game My little dog
My little dog
Game Dora: Pets care
Dora: Pets care
Game Fairy: Pets care
Fairy: Pets care
Game Puppy: Daily care
Puppy: Daily care
Game Dr Dora: Saves the dogs
Dr Dora: Saves the dogs
Game Cute bunny: Day care
Cute bunny: Day care
Game Winner pet
Winner pet
Game Dress my doggie
Dress my doggie
Game Monkey Leap
Monkey Leap
Game Cute Pony Care
Cute Pony Care
Game Dasha takes care of pets
Dasha takes care of pets
Game Direction Dog
Direction Dog
Game The Morning Walk
The Morning Walk
Game Rabbit Bells for new year
Rabbit Bells for new year

Pets online games

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Game Talking Tom Cat 2
Talking Tom Cat 2
Game Flappy Talking Tom
Flappy Talking Tom
Game Cute Pet Hospital
Cute Pet Hospital
Game Dora Pet Shop
Dora Pet Shop
Game Cute Horse Hospital
Cute Horse Hospital
Game Talking Ginger at the Doctor
Talking Ginger at the Doctor
Game Cute Pet Hospital
Cute Pet Hospital
Game My Little Pony: Hidden Letter
My Little Pony: Hidden Letter
Game Mutant Fighting Cup
Mutant Fighting Cup
Game My Cute Pony Day Care
My Cute Pony Day Care
Game Cute Pet Hospital
Cute Pet Hospital
Game Hamster Daycare
Hamster Daycare
Game Mama Dog
Mama Dog
Game My Pony & Me
My Pony & Me
Game Net Pet Adopt and Play
Net Pet Adopt and Play
Game Dancer Pony
Dancer Pony
Game Rosie with her pony
Rosie with her pony
Game I Love My Puppy
I Love My Puppy
Game My Dear Pony
My Dear Pony
Game My Kitty`s kiss - 2
My Kitty`s kiss - 2
Game Dora Care Baby Crocodile
Dora Care Baby Crocodile
Game Puppy Beauty Spa
Puppy Beauty Spa
Game Horse Racing - Flat Race
Horse Racing - Flat Race
Game Dream Pony
Dream Pony
Game Barbie Pet Doctor Dress Up
Barbie Pet Doctor Dress Up
Game The Pet Hospital
The Pet Hospital
Game Farm Away 6
Farm Away 6
Game Ali at the Farm
Ali at the Farm
Game Animal Farm
Animal Farm
Game Frankie Puppy Caring
Frankie Puppy Caring
Game Teddy Textile
Teddy Textile
Game Feed The Pet
Feed The Pet
Game Farm.
Game DolphinShow
Game Fabulous dream gift
Fabulous dream gift
Game Caring for Unicorns
Caring for Unicorns
Game Kitten Maker
Kitten Maker
Game Farm Frenzy 3
Farm Frenzy 3
Game Mia and her Pets
Mia and her Pets
Game Animal Dash
Animal Dash
Game Panda Care
Panda Care
Game Happy Pet Place
Happy Pet Place
Game Kissing Kittens
Kissing Kittens
Game Doggy day care
Doggy day care
Game Royal Pets: Grooming Salon
Royal Pets: Grooming Salon
Game Pets Beauty Salon
Pets Beauty Salon
Game Dress My Pet
Dress My Pet
Game My Little Pony
My Little Pony
Game Find A Way
Find A Way
Game Cyber dragon
Cyber dragon
Game Horse Rancher
Horse Rancher
Game Barbie pets care
Barbie pets care
Game Lamb Care
Lamb Care
Game Farm Mania
Farm Mania
Game Unicorn help
Unicorn help
Game Cute Pets Caring
Cute Pets Caring
Game Shining Gold Fish
Shining Gold Fish
Game Choose Your Pus
Choose Your Pus
Game Pirate Cat With Broken Leg
Pirate Cat With Broken Leg
Game Baby Dino
Baby Dino
Game Scooby Doo At The Doctor
Scooby Doo At The Doctor
Game TealyGochi
Game Trendy Suzie Parent-Child Outfit
Trendy Suzie Parent-Child Outfit
Game Wolf Cub
Wolf Cub
Game Pets Beauty Salon 2
Pets Beauty Salon 2
Game What Do They Eat
What Do They Eat
Game Chinchilla Pet Care
Chinchilla Pet Care
Game Horse Farm Assistant
Horse Farm Assistant
Game My Sweet Hamster
My Sweet Hamster
Game Babies on Vacation
Babies on Vacation
Game Cute Care Puppy
Cute Care Puppy
Game Girly Room Decor
Girly Room Decor
Game Princess' Ponies
Princess' Ponies
Game Pet Home Designer: Tiger Island
Pet Home Designer: Tiger Island
Game Santa's Reindeer Care
Santa's Reindeer Care
Game Kitten Grooming
Kitten Grooming
Game Chicken yard
Chicken yard
Game Cure my Baby Animals
Cure my Baby Animals
Game Happy Pets
Happy Pets
Game My cute pets 2
My cute pets 2
Game My Cat Jerry
My Cat Jerry
Game Kitty Needs Owner
Kitty Needs Owner
Game Pony Day Care
Pony Day Care
Game Barbie And Ellie: Vet School Prep
Barbie And Ellie: Vet School Prep
Game Puppies Salon
Puppies Salon
Game Pets Real Haircuts
Pets Real Haircuts
Game Cute bunny
Cute bunny
Game Care Your Sweet Cats
Care Your Sweet Cats
Game Cat Catches Mouse
Cat Catches Mouse
Game Doggy Day Spa
Doggy Day Spa
Game Cute Pet Hospital
Cute Pet Hospital
Game Jurassic Baby Care
Jurassic Baby Care
Game Animal Shelter
Animal Shelter
Game Monkey Go Happy Marathon 4
Monkey Go Happy Marathon 4
Game Fish Hook
Fish Hook
Game Seahorse Care
Seahorse Care
Game Dogs Care Center
Dogs Care Center
Game Rabbit Care
Rabbit Care
Game Our Small Friends
Our Small Friends
Game Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger
Game Kamirah's Fox Creator
Kamirah's Fox Creator
Game Baby zoo hospital
Baby zoo hospital
Game My Cute Santa Pets
My Cute Santa Pets
Game Cat Shmat
Cat Shmat
Game RPD Warrior
RPD Warrior
Game Colorful Chameleon Sniper
Colorful Chameleon Sniper
Game Tom & Jim Escape
Tom & Jim Escape
Game Farm Away 3
Farm Away 3
Game My Sweet Kitten
My Sweet Kitten
Game Cat & Dog
Cat & Dog
Game Barbie and Unicorn
Barbie and Unicorn
Game Snore 2: Wild West
Snore 2: Wild West
Game Barbie goes Horse Riding
Barbie goes Horse Riding
Game Cabbage Maniac
Cabbage Maniac
Game Virtual Dog
Virtual Dog
Game Dog Hotel 2
Dog Hotel 2
Game Puppy Diving
Puppy Diving
Game Cow Barn
Cow Barn
Game Cute Pets Coloring
Cute Pets Coloring
Game Pets Shop
Pets Shop

Pets games - play free online

Every child dreams of having a bird or little animals. It represents, as will take care of the pet, walk and play with him. However these plans do not include cleaning, feeding and caring for his health. It is these moments unaccounted for and are the decisive argument in the refusal of parents to start a pet. This is understandable - they are busy all day at work and return home to wait for food shops, kitchen, cleaning, laundry and childcare. Is it any wonder that such a schedule does not provide and care for all four-footed friend. But if parents are aware of upcoming issues that will accompany the new member of the family, the children refuse to accept such an argument, and vowed to take everything, even the most unpleasant duties on themselves. By virtue of their age is difficult to imagine the whole burden of responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the owners of animals. They think that the animals - it`s almost dolls and soft toys, which a lot of fun, and if necessary they can shove into a box and forget it. To get a rough idea of ​​what caring for a pet, children are invited to try their hand and play online games for pets. These games come in several versions, allowing transfer from one direction to another scenario. The clinic for the animals they have treated for various diseases. Time to measure the temperature, attributed to treatment, and follow the designated procedure - time to give the pills and injections. But, even while in the hospital, they continue to eat and make a bunch. Even with a pet is sometimes difficult to handle, and when many of them, have to be torn between their desire and need time to take action to treat. Dress Up Games more designed to uplift your mood. When dealing with a healthy pet, and yourself is fun. Beautiful clothes, colored ribbons, dog collars with rhinestones and other details, will be a good way to have fun and keep an eye on this outfit for your four-legged friend, if you parents are still allowed to start it. Hairstyling for the animals are not far behind. Mow the dog beneath the lion, to do flocking on the fur fluffy kitties, or paint them a zebra, puma, jaguar - what could be funnier. In life, these numbers are not done, but in games about pets no one bothers to fantasize. Play online games for pets on the farm may also be interesting. Fall cows, milked them, to follow the geese, to prepare food for the winter, shear sheep, pick grass rabbits, collect eggs, clean in the stable in pigs, and so on. On the farm a lot of work, and many animals out there that for all possible and not to follow. That`s where the concern for animals does not seem fun! If you want something more quiet and relaxing, then play in the aquarium. Beautiful fish will swim among gently swaying gently plants. But do not think that taking care of them should be less. The water temperature must be clearly regulated, follow the normalized power, fill the aquarium with new plants and ornaments. Fish eat the algae gradually in the form of salad, and serve as decoration for them shelter and a place of lodging. To the water was rich in oxygen, do not forget about the compressor. For variety, add a colorful puzzle of disparate elements, and learn what is shown in the picture. A coloring game will allow both to communicate with young pussy and show off their artistic talent. Every game for every taste. Here you can find yourself any pet, give it a name and take care of it.