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Game The backyardigans: Beat time boogie
The backyardigans: Beat time boogie
Game Griffins: Soundboard
Griffins: Soundboard
Game South Park: Soundboard
South Park: Soundboard
Game Looney Tunes: Dance on wooden nickel
Looney Tunes: Dance on wooden nickel
Game Talking baby Angela playing piano
Talking baby Angela playing piano
Game Tom and Angela: Serenade piano
Tom and Angela: Serenade piano
Game Talking cat Tom and Angela at a disco party
Talking cat Tom and Angela at a disco party
Game Handy Manny: World music
Handy Manny: World music
Game Monsters holiday: Murrays music
Monsters holiday: Murrays music
Game Create ringtone
Create ringtone
Game Adventure Time: The rhythmic characters
Adventure Time: The rhythmic characters
Game Adventure Time: Music Castle 2
Adventure Time: Music Castle 2
Game Adventure Time: Music Castle
Adventure Time: Music Castle
Game Little Sheep Shaun 5
Little Sheep Shaun 5
Game Break Dance Class
Break Dance Class

Games Music online

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Game Talking Tom Cat 2
Talking Tom Cat 2
Game Piano
Game Piano Hero
Piano Hero
Game Melodies and numbers
Melodies and numbers
Game Piano Simulator 2.0
Piano Simulator 2.0
Game Music Machine Piano + Guitar + Drum
Music Machine Piano + Guitar + Drum
Game Syntphone
Game High School Band
High School Band
Game Oceanside Piano
Oceanside Piano
Game Playing the Guitar
Playing the Guitar
Game Virtual Guitar - Gibson
Virtual Guitar - Gibson
Game Guitar
Game Learn to play drums!
Learn to play drums!
Game Drums
Game Notessimo
Game Guitar Electricity
Guitar Electricity
Game Floor
Game Peppa Pig Sound Memory
Peppa Pig Sound Memory
Game Guitar Hero Hero
Guitar Hero Hero
Game Fantasy DJ Beat Maker - Techno Beats Edition
Fantasy DJ Beat Maker - Techno Beats Edition
Game Mighty Croat Drummer Man
Mighty Croat Drummer Man
Game Winx Magical Music
Winx Magical Music
Game Music machine piano + guitar + drum
Music machine piano + guitar + drum
Game Repeat The Melody
Repeat The Melody
Game Making music
Making music
Game Higgly Town Heroes
Higgly Town Heroes
Game Gangnam Dance
Gangnam Dance
Game DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4
Game Disc Skill
Disc Skill
Game Guitar Simulator
Guitar Simulator
Game Gentleman Ta Ta Ta 2
Gentleman Ta Ta Ta 2
Game Musik Match
Musik Match
Game Rock Out
Rock Out
Game Dance with Barbie
Dance with Barbie
Game I-Drummer V2.0
I-Drummer V2.0
Game Alvin and the chipmunks
Alvin and the chipmunks
Game Ninja Turtles Colours Memory
Ninja Turtles Colours Memory
Game The Old Child
The Old Child
Game DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3
Game Virtual Guitar 6
Virtual Guitar 6
Game Jammin' Hamster
Jammin' Hamster
Game Santa Rockstar 4
Santa Rockstar 4
Game Turtles Ninja Sound Memory
Turtles Ninja Sound Memory
Game Free Drum
Free Drum
Game Trivial Instrument
Trivial Instrument
Game Gangnam Style Epic Dance
Gangnam Style Epic Dance
Game Virtual DJ
Virtual DJ
Game Winx Music Memory
Winx Music Memory
Game The Muppets Animal's Beat Craze
The Muppets Animal's Beat Craze
Game Amusix Flute
Amusix Flute
Game Virtual Drum Kit V5.0
Virtual Drum Kit V5.0
Game The Game of Life
The Game of Life
Game Record tripping
Record tripping
Game Ground Rush
Ground Rush
Game Drum session
Drum session
Game Mini Drum Pro
Mini Drum Pro
Game Amusix: Violin
Amusix: Violin
Game Drum Genius
Drum Genius
Game Dogiano 2000
Dogiano 2000
Game Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
Game Singing Cats
Singing Cats
Game Piano Collector
Piano Collector
Game Alvin's Harmonica
Alvin's Harmonica
Game Brahma banks
Brahma banks
Game Office
Game Music Winnie
Music Winnie
Game Rockstar Dreamer
Rockstar Dreamer
Game Boom box
Boom box
Game Dj Hoho's Dance Party
Dj Hoho's Dance Party
Game Notation
Game Sarah's Pub Life
Sarah's Pub Life
Game Oppa Gangnam dance
Oppa Gangnam dance
Game Running Man Psy Gangnam
Running Man Psy Gangnam
Game Piano for Kids
Piano for Kids
Game The dancing Bush
The dancing Bush
Game Hello Kitty Sound Memory
Hello Kitty Sound Memory
Game Make my people sing
Make my people sing
Game Blergo Beats 2
Blergo Beats 2
Game RoboHip-Hop
Game DJ Dance Master
DJ Dance Master
Game Punks
Game Baby Dance Gangnam Style
Baby Dance Gangnam Style
Game Gangnam Around the World
Gangnam Around the World
Game Dancing Hillary
Dancing Hillary
Game Вeginner guitar tutorial
Вeginner guitar tutorial
Game JSG
Game Arrow Dance
Arrow Dance
Game Guitar Geek
Guitar Geek
Game Luminous cubes
Luminous cubes
Game DJ Cyang Beat Out
DJ Cyang Beat Out
Game DJ Fest Vol. 1.0
DJ Fest Vol. 1.0
Game Rockband Rampage
Rockband Rampage
Game The Smurf's Simon
The Smurf's Simon
Game Crazy Guitar Maniacs
Crazy Guitar Maniacs
Game Winnie-the-Pooh against Piglet
Winnie-the-Pooh against Piglet
Game Rocking Hero
Rocking Hero
Game The Metallica Quiz
The Metallica Quiz
Game Music Ball
Music Ball
Game Oppa Russian Style
Oppa Russian Style
Game Gorillaz Groove Session
Gorillaz Groove Session
Game Coolio beat 2
Coolio beat 2
Game Indian Music
Indian Music
Game Singing Cats
Singing Cats
Game Dora DJ
Dora DJ
Game Drum Lessons
Drum Lessons
Game Jungle musician
Jungle musician
Game Virtual Drums
Virtual Drums
Game Music Room
Music Room
Game Coolio dj
Coolio dj
Game Simpsons Soundboard
Simpsons Soundboard
Game Guitar Geek
Guitar Geek
Game Super Saimon - Deluxe
Super Saimon - Deluxe
Game Symphony
Game Filipe Sheepwolf Mixer 2
Filipe Sheepwolf Mixer 2
Game Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2
Game Guitar Hero 2
Guitar Hero 2
Game Chicken choir
Chicken choir
Game Spice girls
Spice girls
Game Flash Drum
Flash Drum
Game Music Matching
Music Matching

Music Games - Play free online

Music accompanies man from ancient times, changing and adapting to the tastes of his contemporaries. Composers wrote music that entered the century and are still considered classics. Musical instruments are changing, if not invented new ones. New technologies bring its contribution to the improvement of familiar musical instruments. So there is not only an electric guitar, electronic drum sets and keyboards, but also the whole complex, capable of replacing even the orchestra. Music accompanies us everywhere - radios, televisions, tape recorders, MP3 players and even mobile phones are now telling us to call your favorite tune. Hearing the pleasant sounds of human mood and vitality. And if you own any musical instrument, you can always entertain guests or play for the corresponding moments of the soul. But even if you did not attend music school, and for the self you do not have the tool, the computer game music will fall at an opportune moment. Today, created such a huge number of different options for music games that everyone will find simply fascinating and informative for you. Musical games online will help you learn musical notation, to give aza most necessary to the development of this instrument, learn to play guitar, drums, synthesizer, piano, and so on. You may feel like a DJ at the disco, to become a member of the group and perform a concert on the big stage, or to become a conductor of the orchestra. Become a rock or jazz musician, but perhaps as a performer of light songs you will feel much more confident. You did not make a mistake - with us you can not only play instruments, and sing and even dance. After all, music games give the opportunity to enjoy music in different ways. In this section you will find games of varying complexity and trends - from entertaining to educational. Whether you`re a child or grown, we have a decent music you play. We have provided music and games for girls, where they will learn a dance movement, and then hit all at a school dance. Not a single boy, who then would not want to be friends with you. If fame Ranetok not give you the rest, well, master the musical instruments, learn music, or acting as a soloist. Perhaps in the future you will find musical fame. Along with the Beatles - this legendary group, sing the song "Come together ", but fans of the series «Lost», will be able to watch a funny movie where the actors sing a song parody of Queen «Bohemian Rhapsody." Musical games for the little ones will give gamers the opportunity to show their talent, along with cartoon characters. Play the xylophone, dance to crumble, Barbie, a pig. And you can sing by clicking on the horses. Do not see that they kept neighing, they can be quite beautiful and different voices. In the other game by clicking on the Easter egg, you too can enjoy their singing. Cartoon Masyanya bring into play, where she decided to become a DJ, a little humor. This little girl painted can not be serious, but it is to face it directly. With the sheep-musicians to pick up the rhythms of drums, bass guitar and synthesizer, so that they sounded harmoniously merged into a single melody. After selecting the game music, you can combine more than one hour game, enjoy the music and create your own songs at a time.