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Game Mixels: Shooting
Mixels: Shooting
Game Mixels: Electroids
Mixels: Electroids

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Game Mixels: Electroids
Mixels: Electroids
Game Mixels: Shooting
Mixels: Shooting

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Virtual games Mikseli Pixels

Computer Projects Mikseli online game players grew fond of bright colors in which they are established, a great story and, of course, characters. Fantastic world of small creatures with different abilities and the ability to mix liked, for both children and their parents. Stories in which the main characters fall into a very funny and give a good mood even in the dreary weather outside. Mixels Online games are very diverse in their genres, and everyone is great to spend free time in front of a computer monitor will find a version of the game featuring fictional funny creatures.

Origin Mikseley

In 2014, on Cartoon Network launched the series with the name Mikseli pixels, it is very funny series lasting only a couple of minutes, but despite a very short format, the children of the world love it. Each series of the project tells a very funny story that happens to Mikselyami, and of course they always win.
Mikseli – is a strange colored little creatures, they live in tribes. In each tribe includes creatures of the same color and with their abilities, such as:

  • Infernity – is the creation of red, from the top of them you can see the flames, and they know how to control the fire;
  • Kragstery – stone gray creatures, they are excellent and can dig dig a tunnel through the world;
  • Elektroidy – yellow, develop and manage the electric current, though somehow always use it for yourself.

The most remarkable is their ability to mix, they have a certain device, a qubit when they use it, then it becomes one of several Mikseley. If you decide to join creatures of the same color, you get one big Miksel with great force and if colored, all their abilities and blend looks and get a very strange creature. Mikseli cheerful and fun, but they constantly interfere with harmful Nikseli.
In the creation of the cartoon participated company LEGO Group, therefore, there are a number of children's games and characters from the series of designers.

Games about Mikseley

Free Games Mikseli full of a variety of genres and subjects. In the section, you can find entertainment for all tastes and ages. Players who take adventure will find versions of the game, they have to wander through the colorful fantasy world, collect various bonuses and fight nasty Nikselyami. Fun to play that character in it three, all of them with different abilities, so collect as many points as possible using only the right of each of them.
The game Mikseli forward players will appreciate the excellent dynamics and strategy elements, then the user will have to defend against enemies. The interesting thing is that this project can be mixed not only the Mikseley, but also various items together, what comes out of this mix, one can only imagine or learn playing the game. The project is full of all sorts of useful things that need to be collected in the course of the passage of the levels, some of them can be used, and some bring glasses.
In the Lego games you can try Mikseli mix of different characters, which are sometimes very strange and funny. In this project, there are nine Mikseley tribes, each tribe three members, a sufficiently large number of options, but without trying not know what the venture succeed.
The game Mikseli can play both children and adults, everyone will find a suitable project. Boys like shooters and girls discover the countless treasures underground.