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Game Megamind: Painting
Megamind: Painting

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Game Megamind: Painting
Megamind: Painting

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Megamind struggle between good and evil

animated feature film & laquo; Megamind & raquo; tells the story of two heroes, they were born on a planet in outer space, but the planet has overtaken the universal cataclysm, and that the children had a chance to survive, the parents threw them into the black hole formed, so babies and hit the Earth. On Earth, they waited a completely different destiny and upbringing of one child, named him Metromen, got into a good family, where his parents loved and cared about him. The second boy was not so lucky, he landed in the courtyard of the prison, where he was raised and criminals. * 3 different childhood left its mark, Metromen grew strong, beautiful and kind, his supernatural powers, he directs for justice and order hometown of Metro City. The second hero, called it Megamind that grew with various thugs, became a scientific genius inventor, but it suffered a series of setbacks and achievements Metromena and ridicule because of his physical appearance are pushing the stranger on the side of evil, he directs his talents that would be recognized by any available means forcing the opponent to fail. Without even waiting for Megamind kills the enemy, but this victory brings him the desired relief, and vice versa, without confrontation of his life has no meaning. He creates a new foe, but he turns out to be a villain. The final story tells that Metromen not dead, but just decided to give up and hide, Megamind is a super hero and persuaded to return to continue to protect the city from evil.
Megamind character, not as a villain turned out, on the idea of ​​the author of the cartoon, the audience at the end of the film is ready to consider him a hero.

Igry Megamind in the virtual world

* Games Megamind issued based on the cartoon, continue the adventure heroes, all versions are free, they do not need to be downloaded to a personal computer, but you can play online.

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again to meet good and evil character, it's great to spend time with them, you can select one of the versions of the game Megamind, for example, fans of puzzles and puzzle games will find the options with different levels of difficulty: 5 ^

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6 7 8 & laquo; Sort the tiles & raquo; - A classic puzzle for the young users of personal computers, consisting of 25 elements. Each piece is supplied by one after pressing; 9

0 7 8 game Megamind Puzzle & ndash; will appeal to those players who are not afraid of challenges. This version of the multi-level, where you have to rotate the elements and collect picture with cartoon characters; 9

0 7 8Golovolomka with Metoromenom and his rival, will allow players to make a real competition to the speed and care, it all the same rotary elements of the image, but there is a clock showing the speed. 9



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user, collected faster image and fewer moves, gets more points.
However, Megamind fans of slot machines can easily play pinball, the ball running across the field with obstacles, players need not to drop it to the bottom of the screen, the longer it flies on the playing field and more accurately bounces, the more points earned.
version of the game Megamind & laquo; cosmic collision & raquo; events unfold in the very beginning of the story, when a small child fell into a black hole and flies toward her future. It is an open space around the pieces of meteorites, from certain death to save a little genius just sleight of player he will have to dodge space debris, but to pick up valuable items.
Games Megamind for kids to be creative to help monitor and paint a picture with the main characters, what color will be the genius and the hero is completely unknown, all in the hands of the children's imagination.