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Game The hive: Sing alone
The hive: Sing alone

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Game The hive: Sing alone
The hive: Sing alone

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^Brave Bee Maya 1 ^The history of the gay and cheeful bee called Maya start from the pages of a book for children written by German writer Waldemar Bonzelsom more than 100 years ago. Since then shot three animated series about the adventures of Maya, and one full-length animated film, released in theaters in 2014 and online games Bee Maya.
Bee Maya was born in the hives, she is so smart, good and restlessness that is friends with many of the inhabitants of meadows, unlike other bees, which collect the pollen is the most important thing in life. The bee is very curious, so she often gives away the hive and upset the measured life, but her curiosity tend to save a hive.
Cartoon Maya tells her story, she left the hive without a demand for it is expelled. At this time in the realm of the bees are preparing a plot against the queen and spiteful buzzing wants to kill the regent, and to declare war hornets, brave bee Maya saves the situation and displays a villain to clean water, keeping the peace and quiet in the meadow, at the same time to reconcile hornets with bees, which were long-standing enemies .

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characters in cartoons do not change, but the full-length version can meet new

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2 3 4 The main character & ndash; Bee Maya; 5 6 3 4 other heroine & ndash; Willie he's smart, but timid and indecisive, in the hive with him no one wanted to be friends; 5 6 3 4 Sting & ndash; energetic child Hornet son of the leader of the hornets Hank's father all his life frightened him angry bees and brought hatred of the son; 5 6 3 4 jumping & ndash; Grasshopper has become a friend and a guide bees; 5 6 3 4 buzzing & ndash; bee, queen counselor, trying to kill her and take the throne; 5 6 3 4 crawled - Zhuzhzhaly worker, even though deep down he is the enemy of its heinous acts. 5 6

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B whatever Action and adventure did not get a bee in all cartoons, her courage, a good heart and an open mind to everything new helped her cope with any troubles.
heroine, on the right is a favorite of many generations of people, and from the book went on screens and on the screens to the monitors of personal computers and other gadgets, which are created Maya Bee games online. Here the adventure continues.

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B Maya Bee game to play for free are all fans of the heroine, like children, only peeking recent history, and their parents, know since the childhood of this hive dweller. All games Bee Maya colorful, bright and cheerful characters, dynamic and have their own unique character.
Kids can paint a picture depicting scenes from the film and characters, giving the whole rich colors. Other Maya Bee game free offer made ​​from small pieces of a single integrated picture, it needs to accurately place them on the ground. * 3 The Bee Maya games to play online can not only collecting and painting the pictures, but to fly on a blossoming summer meadows, collecting on the way umbrellas dandelions that warm breeze launched into the air. By controlling the main characters to be careful and fly around the beautiful flowers and various solid stones along the way.
Another version of the game with a mischievous heroine, the player will have an adventure in which, giving the hive angle be released into the flight industrious bees, correctly calculate the trajectory, it is necessary to collect the sweet pollen, revealing the flower buds. In this project, the number of attempts is limited and with each new level becomes more and more difficult to cope with the challenge. Masters calculations can get the highest score and become leaders in the game.