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Lines game online

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Game Lines - Play free online

One of the most popular game Lines 98 to play online which allows you to our site, is fundamental to many similar games in this genre. On the field you see randomly placed balls of different colors. Your task is to build lines of five balls of the same color. Having achieved the task, you will see how the chain disappears. Lines can be played using the Mode Mode, which will show you the new balls. If you use the button Undo, go back one step back, Reset will start the game again. To successfully pass the game, you must know some rules that will help you cope with this task. To line up the balls of one color, click on the selected ball, and then using a computer mouse italics indicate his empty cell, to which he must stand. If the path is not obstacle in the form of other balls, he moves to the specified location. At the same time, with each of your new course, on the playing field will be new balls, lying on it randomly. This creates obstacles for further action. To avoid this, try to think about his every move, and make the most advantageous move. Destroying the lines of balls of the same color, you release the cells for further moves. At the time of the disappearance of the collected lines, new balls on the field will not appear. The longer the chain you create, the more points will earn. And in order to more accurately predict the next move, at the top of the screen you`ll see the color of the next ball to be added to the field. To play the line online, just go to our portal and run the game. The range you will find many options that are happy to offer you the most interesting plot twists. We have no doubt that people of all ages will find a particular topic and will be able to enjoy the process so interesting, fascinating, exciting games, like playing marbles lines, which are so called precisely because the balls have to stand in line. Even if you`re an active person and like to play where there is a change of action, where it is necessary to show the speed and skill. Where necessary to achieve victory jump, run, shoot and fight, line balls game you like, no less. This is a logical game, which will bring variety to your range of interests, as well as open up new horizons for you where you are in a relaxed atmosphere can develop such skills, as the logic of thought, attention and tactics. While seemingly simple, game Lines can confound even the experienced player, but in order to successfully complete it, should be trained. As already mentioned, on the basis of the line balls game, created a lot of other games that offer themed stories that can diversify the process. You expect the depth of the sea, the treasures of ancient civilizations, the characters from the cartoon "The Simpsons" Halloween mystery of Atlantis, the ancient city, the pirate theme, a trip to distant islands, meeting with the gods, and for the little Bratz, animals, birds, and other anime. All these games not only offer a variety of storylines, but done in a distinctive manner to achieve the main goal. This allows you to find out for yourself every time something new, but the games never get bored. Among other things, the game in this set are made very attractive, as evidenced by quality graphics and bright color scheme. Welcome to Lines 98 to play online on our website. Here you can play online without registration line.