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Game American Dragon Jake Dress Up
American Dragon Jake Dress Up

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Game American Dragon Jake Dress Up
American Dragon Jake Dress Up

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Igry Dragon Jake Long - magical adventure

games Dragon Jake Long created by the eponymous animated series. This comedy fantastic story about a boy with supernatural powers, secrets and double lives. Out Disney series broadcaster, duration 52 series and he still goes to different world television channels.

^The plot tells the story of the cartoon thirteen teenager. His secret, and genetic ability to transform into a huge, red dragon spewing fire. Jake Long a lot to learn to curb their full capacity. In this he was helped by his grandfather, he also turns into a dragon. In ordinary life, Jake is similar to the other children, he goes to school, friends with his classmates and he likes a girl whose heart he is trying to win. Although it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, Jake has a rival, and she belongs to the girl of his dreams to an ancient family of hunters dragons, but do not realize that it vowed to kill Jake Long.
No one knows about the abilities of the boy, but his mentor grandfather and a couple of best friends to whom he could not erase the memory. The rest of classmates, teachers, and friends refer to him as a regular guy. Heroes animated series

  • Jake Long - the main character, he can turn into a terrible dragon;
  • Lao Shi - wise grandfather boy;
  • Fu- Dog - a dog that can talk. He is a magician, and very knowledgeable in magic;
  • ^Arthur - the best friend of Jake. He is well versed in computers;
  • Trixie - a friend of the protagonist, it is fun and playful,
  • Rose - Jacob's dream girl, she also tells him mutual sympathy. ^I

    0 * American Dragon Jake Long games are created for all fans of the fantastic stories, they also reigns the magic, characters and get into the incredible magical adventure. In the virtual world, as well as on television, Jake sometimes just a boy who wants to have fun like other children, and sometimes fire-breathing dragon to save the world.

    dynamic and funny game Jake Long

    I children and adults like to play American Dragon Jake Long, all games in the section online, they do not need to download and install on the personal computer, what would you like to try this version and they are all absolutely free. Have fun and have a great time with the protagonist of the animated film will everyone - children presented coloring and dress up and more mature users will appreciate the exciting and dynamic versions of the game, where Jake turned into a dragon must save the world and eliminate enemies.

    * 2 With the Dragon Jake players can ride a skateboard on challenging tracks with obstacles, or visit the park for skateboarders. Those users who are not attracted to skiing, will find interesting approach to machine, and play pinball, launching the ball on a complex playing field and picking up maximum points in one session.

    * American Dragon Jake Long Game ' Dangerous Descent ' offers users a hazardous adventure and journey through the labyrinth, where there is a whole army of enemies seized his friends. The main mission in this game is to go through all the backstreets intricate dungeons, kill enemy soldiers and rescue all the people they kidnapped.

    * 2 All games American Dragon Jake Long collected in the section set in perfect modern quality. They are bright and colorful graphics, and a wonderful musical accompaniment. The sound effects create an atmosphere of reality at every step of the player.