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Game Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster
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Simply Smashing

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Game Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster
Game Simply Smashing
Simply Smashing

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Stories homes of friends and the world of fantasy

The animated series, filmed and broadcast channel Cartoon Network, has received great recognition among children and adults around the world, he was awarded an Emmy in 2004 and pleased audiences on television for five consecutive years.
The story and the characters in it fantastic, a certain Madame Foster, a lady of advanced years, arranges shelter in his house. This place is not for people and animals, its inhabitants - a fictional children's friends. Yes, the children invent imaginary friends, but then they grow up and come to life are the fruits of their imagination, or who do not need, this is what worry for Madame Foster. The house is inhabited by a single woman is very strange, sometimes even scary imaginary creatures, each of them has its own character and its own character, and, of course, disadvantages.
The main character of the cartoon, a boy named Mack, he does not want to part with his friend, but the child's mother insists that the Mac has grown and should give his friend a shelter. For the sake of compromise, the boy is allowed to visit the shelter and meet with his friend. The whole plot is built on the animated series meetings of friends and adventures in which they find themselves.
The characters of the series is very unusual

  • Mack – a shy schoolboy, who 8 years. He came up with Blue, they're friends;
  • Terence – brother, Mack, he was 13 years old. He sloven and envious;
  • Blue – Mack imaginary friend, it looks like a blue merry cast. Blue was invented that would make those things that can not make its owner because of shyness;
  • Red – coined by Terence that would do harm to Mack and Blue, but the opposite turned out to Red sweet and kind being;
  • Madame Foster –, the mistress of a shelter, she once came up with a rabbit named Mr. Herriman, he is the managing institution.

In the series, many more extraordinary imaginary friends of different children, for example, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco and many others.
So interesting plot and characters of the cartoon prompted game developers to create multiple versions featuring characters from it.

Computer games friends house Foster

Games Foster issued a friends house in various genres and with a variety of subjects, among them one can find educational, quiz, adventure and sports versions. All of them are very funny and they play absolutely free without downloading to a computer or desk.
Foster fluttering games help children to practice:

  • Memory – in the form « Tuk-Tuk-Tuk », need to knock on doors and find two identical characters of the cartoon with the minimum number of open doors and in the shortest time;
  • The logic – game « Giant Checkers », it is possible to arrange a tournament with different imaginary characters checkers, the rules of the standard;
  • Note – « The mystery of the word », the player must find and highlight the specified word among the playing field of the whole series of letters, more in English. The words are arranged vertically, horizontally and diagonally, and the top of the counter of time;
  • Imagination - « Gallery Imagination » in this project from pieces of irregular shapes can create a most unusual imaginary friend out of all existing in the fantasies.

Foster Home games are very funny, all the characters in them are exactly like the cartoon characters, well-traced graphics, background sound conveys the mood of the game, and if required by the plot and the dynamics of the process. Games Foster fantasy house perfect for entertaining, and boys and girls. With them you can plunge into the world of fairy tales and dreams, to spend time. Adults also amused projects with your friends and let relax retire.