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For all who care about real steep, scary, bloody action movies and horror films, such as the jaw like our new game about a mad, bloodthirsty piranhas small fish that are ready for everything if only as old. And your main goal and the main purpose is just this is the - you have to help your favorite of the find and produce their own food for the "thoughts". To get to the tasty first you need to find some ship or boat where there are people, and after that you will need to flip it over and get it from there passengers getting in the water, nothing will be able to take in order to be saved, but you will only they eat. In each level you will have a time limit for what you and will have to cope with. Plus, after every job you get points that you will be very useful for further progress through the game. You can go to a specialty store and buy it for your fish improve. For example, it may be more large and sharp teeth longer fins and so on.
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