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Game Winx: Flora Mermaid
Winx: Flora Mermaid
Game Fairy tale. Kiss
Fairy tale. Kiss

Game Fairy Tail online

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Game Fairy tale. Kiss
Fairy tale. Kiss
Game Winx: Flora Mermaid
Winx: Flora Mermaid

Fairy Tail Games - play for free online

Games Fairy Tail – animated manga

In the anime and manga fans certainly got the impression that people in the East, everyday life is constantly using martial arts, fighting with demons and dragons, and meet the street for a ninja sneaking worthless. But painting and screen versions of adventures – only a tradition, which for Europeans looks very colorful and attractive.
Hiro Mashima – became the author of a popular manga Fairy Tail. On account of his 52 release, but this does not limit – new volumes continue to come out. Up to this point manga time to pull off in the anime series, published six OVA, release the animated film, two games Fairy Tail on the Nintendo DS and flash for the PC, and in 2012 it formed the basis of browser games that are adapted for Russian players in 2015 .

The life of magical laws

The world of the game Fairy Tail points the way to Fior, where magic involved professionally. This kingdom has a population of 17 million, and more than half of residents chose the fate of wizards in a guild, sometimes light, sometimes dark.
Life Fiore in peace, but only thanks to the efforts of light guild that inhibit impulses opponents. To and then continued its members constantly train, improve, gain experience, looking for new opportunities.
The most popular is a guild of light – Fairy Tail, which brought together the most talented, courageous, extraordinary personalities, and spur them to work at the limit of strength constant rivalry. It is this amazing guild chose Lucy – Enchantress Star Spirits, wanting to join. But there is an obstacle – will be able to become a member of the one who is rewarded with the recommendation of one of the active participants.
Luck smiled at the girl in the face of Natsu and Happy cute blue cat, who still flies. They are participants in each game Fairy Tail, and with them you will find a lot of adventure events.

We invite interested persons in the ranks of the Fairy Tail

As a member of Fairy Tail games and a member of the guild, you will see how interesting to spend time here. These guys know how to have fun, but also work at full force, carrying out assignments of varying complexity of people and sorcerers, and for it to give monetary compensation. As Fairy Tail guild is considered the most elite, it can only lead the worthy, and now is the master Makarov Dreyar. Its members are divided into groups:

  • Killer demons
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Wizards S-class
  • Wizards
  • The young wizards
  • Former members

Makarov both proud and afraid of the fact that in his guild, unlike the others, had gathered at the same time four of Dragon Slayer. Such a force, if we relax the control over it, able to smash the city.
Open the game Fairy Tail, along with the heroes to learn magic, fighting spirit to strengthen, develop and train his own style of martial arts. Can help you get started:

  • Luce Hartfiliya
  • Mavis Vermillion
  • Natsu Dragnev
  • Happy ICSID
  • Elsa Scarlet
  • Gray Fullbaster – ice-demon slayer
  • Wendy Marvell

To find real friends, to join with them in a group together to go against the dark guilds, gain experience and develop within the game space, there is no better browser game Fairy Tail.
But do not deprive the attention flash game Fairy Tail. This is the familiar genre of fighting games in which opponents converge on the site, so that after a few rounds there was only one winner. To win you will be skillful use combo attacks, magic and magic defense, timely hitting and evading its own powerful attack.