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Game Fishtopia: Tycoon 2
Fishtopia: Tycoon 2
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Blacksmith lab idle
Game Frenzy bakery
Frenzy bakery
Game Cattle tycoon 2
Cattle tycoon 2
Game Burger queen
Burger queen
Game Temple guardian 2
Temple guardian 2
Game Evil villain
Evil villain
Game Flashtrek: Broken mirror
Flashtrek: Broken mirror
Game Skybolt
Game Imperium 4
Imperium 4
Game Sweat shop
Sweat shop
Game Merry invasion
Merry invasion
Game Boom town
Boom town
Game All my gods
All my gods
Game Sea farm
Sea farm

Economic strategies online games

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Game Kingdom Rush 2
Kingdom Rush 2
Game Papa's Pizzeria
Papa's Pizzeria
Game Autobot Transformers 2
Autobot Transformers 2
Game Growing Island
Growing Island
Game Farm Frenzy
Farm Frenzy
Game Epic City Builder
Epic City Builder
Game Youda Farmer 3: Seasons
Youda Farmer 3: Seasons
Game Farmer
Game Save my garden
Save my garden
Game Giants and Dwarves TD
Giants and Dwarves TD
Game Hugecity
Game Imperium
Game Papa's Cup Cakeria
Papa's Cup Cakeria
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Diana's Ranch
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Resort Empire
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Farm Frenzy 3
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Def endless
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Youda Survivor 2
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Castle Restaurant
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Mr.Bean Street Bakery
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Kingdom Defense
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Jane's Realty
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Island Tribe 2
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Myth War 2
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The Viking's Revenge
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Youda Farmer 2
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Oceanpark Manager
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Royal Envoy 2
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Frenzy Bar
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The Village Revisited
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Farmer 2: Save The Village
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Railway Valley 2
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Money wars Multiplayer
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Pizza Shack Deluxe
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BB - Airplane Service
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Resort Empire
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Kingdom Of Zombies
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DaMIg War
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Frenzy Hotel 2
Game Royal Envoy 2
Royal Envoy 2
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Tower Tank Destruction
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March Colonies
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Ski Resort Mogul
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Janes Realty
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Janes Hotel: Family Hero
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Candy's Giftshop: Frenzy
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Phase Cannon
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Perfect Hair Hollywood Style
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TShirt Stand
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Empire of the Galaldur
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Grand Prix Tycoon
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Kairis Ice Cream Shoppe
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Coffee Tycoon
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Kingdoms: Nobility
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Resort empire
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Roads of Rome
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Gracie's Fruteria
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Rebuild 2
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Unfabulous Burger Bustle!
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catch em if you can
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The Gentleman
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Build Your Own Town
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Sea ​​Fight
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Tower Defe Fission
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Dice wars
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Airport Oasis
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Vacation Mogul
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Rabbit Marathon
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Factory Rush
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Flash Zoo Builder
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Sami's Jewelry Shop
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Balloon Town
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Royal Envoy 2
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Zombie Trailer Park
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Beauty Resort 2
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Fresh Burger
Game Farmer
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Shopping Street
Game Zombie Trailer Park
Zombie Trailer Park
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Law of the Land
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Wedding Planner
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Luna`s Sun Cafe
Game Roller Coaster 3
Roller Coaster 3
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Hungry Animals
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Zombies Inc.
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Amuse Park
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Gift Corner
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Blob Tower Defence: The blobs are Back!
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Burger Jam
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Ice Cream Mania
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Dinner Date
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Lemonade World
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The defense of a giant pig
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Defense 1942
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Eco - Ego
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Spit Fire: 1940
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Frontline Defense
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Siege Knight
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Heroes of War
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Cargo Shipment - Chicago
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Attraction City
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Gas Station
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Solar System Defence
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Sas Zombie Assault
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Daily Life 2: The Adventure Continues...
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Record Shop Tycoon
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Celtic village
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Hotel Manager
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Green Protector
Game Monster Town Defense
Monster Town Defense
Game World Domination 2
World Domination 2
Game Strategy Defense 3.5
Strategy Defense 3.5
Game Flash City
Flash City
Game Airport Rush
Airport Rush
Game Battle Stance Human Campaign
Battle Stance Human Campaign

Economic strategies of the game - play for free online

Economy - is a tricky business!

Экономические стратегии 1 Economic strategy game in which the player controls some resource essential for raising the economy to the prosperity of the object or group. These games require the player of knowledge and skills to plan and predict the course of events at different stages. This can be:

  • the construction of cities;
  • ports;
  • Farms;
  • The extraction of natural resources;
  • The banking transactions.

Economic Strategy - a multi-level game, where each action must be logical and timely. The player builds the economy develops and manufactures industry sales of goods for the accumulation of profits and investing it into the necessary requirements at this stage for further improvements. For example, if you build a farm, starting with small - growing and selling herbs as feed for cattle, gradually you accumulate a little capital, which allows you to buy the seeds of tomatoes and cucumbers, which are more expensive. Growing and selling them, you can already afford to buy something a little more exotic and expensive.

Prohlozhdatsya once!

Экономические стратегии 3 During the game you can enter into contracts with customers and sell products in the market to buy new equipment, build buildings for food processing and so on. Strategy Games Economic simulators which allow to go through and understand the entire process of creating a big business.

Most of the economic strategies takes place in real time. You are not required as a quick reaction in the games action, as events take place smoothly. But this is no reason to be vigilant and to relax. If you let things take their course, an established process to quickly turn into chaos, giving rise to the devastation. As in the real world, all required monitoring and timely intervention. You can meet the economic strategy of the game at different levels of complexity. For example, construction of the zoo, snack bars, hotels, do not require much effort on the development of the business. These games are designed more to entertain during the holidays, rather than strain. But games such as urban planning, such as SimCity, the player require attention to many details.

Build a real town, playing games Economic strategies

Экономические стратегии 2 Similar games are close to real life and problems of the city. And the player is given a choice, which way he will solve the problem. None populated city can not survive without water - this is one of the first tasks that must be solved in the construction of the castle. Establish water supply in two ways. The first - is to buy water in a nearby settlement. Second - water towers and stations. But in any case you will need to build a pipeline. In addition, if the water supply to develop to a high level, water can be sold to neighbors and make a profit. But the danger is that the frequent problems with water pollution due to waste, radiation, or banal breakage of pipes, lead to resentment not only of their fellow citizens, but also break the contract with buyers. And this is just one of the problems, but such situations in the city there are many

  • fire
  • revolt;
  • breaking power;
  • The radiation leak;
  • of the disease due to a lack of hospitals;
  • ignorance due to lack of education;
  • dissatisfaction due to lack of places of entertainment and recreation - parks, theaters and cinemas.

play in the economic strategy of the game is very entertaining activity that is quickly addictive. The simulations can be played endlessly, developing the company, city or port. You can also find games with historical themes, such as Zeus: Master of Olympus, Caesar III, and feel the spirit of ancient history. Or become a transport tycoon in economic simulation Transport Tycoon. Select, play, build.