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Game Naughty girl at dentist
Naughty girl at dentist
Game Zoe: Eye doctor
Zoe: Eye doctor
Game Dr Dora: Saves the dogs
Dr Dora: Saves the dogs
Game Dora bee sting: Doctor
Dora bee sting: Doctor
Game Baby Hazel: Doctor play
Baby Hazel: Doctor play
Game Doc MsStuffins: Eye care
Doc MsStuffins: Eye care
Game Doc McStuffins: Lamb healing
Doc McStuffins: Lamb healing
Game Doc McStuffins: Dress up 2
Doc McStuffins: Dress up 2
Game Doc McStuffins at the hospital
Doc McStuffins at the hospital
Game Doc McStuffins foot doctor
Doc McStuffins foot doctor
Game Doc McStuffins: Skin care
Doc McStuffins: Skin care
Game Doc McStuffins and friends cooking pancakes
Doc McStuffins and friends cooking pancakes
Game Hello Kitty: Ear doctor
Hello Kitty: Ear doctor
Game Subway Surfers: Operation
Subway Surfers: Operation
Game Subway Surfers: The ambulance
Subway Surfers: The ambulance

Doctor games online

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Game Talking Tom after injury
Talking Tom after injury
Game Talking Tom. Surgery
Talking Tom. Surgery
Game Naughty Hospital
Naughty Hospital
Game Talking Ginger. Head injury
Talking Ginger. Head injury
Game Angela and Tom at the dentist
Angela and Tom at the dentist
Game Barbie at the doctor
Barbie at the doctor
Game Operate Now Appendix Surgery
Operate Now Appendix Surgery
Game Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Game Cute Farm Hospital
Cute Farm Hospital
Game Talking Ben at the dentist
Talking Ben at the dentist
Game Cute Horse Hospital
Cute Horse Hospital
Game Talking Tom. Nose doctor
Talking Tom. Nose doctor
Game Barbie Foot Surgery
Barbie Foot Surgery
Game Operate Now: Dental Surgery
Operate Now: Dental Surgery
Game Cute Pet Hospital
Cute Pet Hospital
Game Talking Angela. Injury
Talking Angela. Injury
Game Angelina Jolie at the Dentist
Angelina Jolie at the Dentist
Game Medical Room Escape
Medical Room Escape
Game Talking Tom. Tooth problems
Talking Tom. Tooth problems
Game Talking Ginger at the Doctor
Talking Ginger at the Doctor
Game Cute Pet Hospital
Cute Pet Hospital
Game Amy's Hospital
Amy's Hospital
Game Children's Doctors
Children's Doctors
Game Hospital Lover Kissing
Hospital Lover Kissing
Game Dora Role Experience
Dora Role Experience
Game Talking Tom. Sole surgery
Talking Tom. Sole surgery
Game Skeleton Transplant
Skeleton Transplant
Game Nose Doctor
Nose Doctor
Game Treat Nose Princess Elsa
Treat Nose Princess Elsa
Game Barbie at the dentist
Barbie at the dentist
Game Operate now dental surgery
Operate now dental surgery
Game Operate Now!Leg Surgery
Operate Now!Leg Surgery
Game First Aid Road Accident
First Aid Road Accident
Game Doctor teddy Clinic Toy
Doctor teddy Clinic Toy
Game Elsa Eye Care
Elsa Eye Care
Game Dora Tooth Problems
Dora Tooth Problems
Game Virtual Knee Surgery
Virtual Knee Surgery
Game Dora Dental Care
Dora Dental Care
Game Baby monster. Flu doctor
Baby monster. Flu doctor
Game Draculaura. Hand doctor
Draculaura. Hand doctor
Game  Minion at the Dentist
Minion at the Dentist
Game Kissing Cure
Kissing Cure
Game Dora Perfect Teeth
Dora Perfect Teeth
Game Spongebob Tooth Problems
Spongebob Tooth Problems
Game Nurse Dora
Nurse Dora
Game Operate now: stomach surgery
Operate now: stomach surgery
Game Zombie Cure
Zombie Cure
Game Ghoulia Yelps Bad Teeth
Ghoulia Yelps Bad Teeth
Game Hello Kitty at the doctor
Hello Kitty at the doctor
Game After Injury Manicure
After Injury Manicure
Game Kissing Cure
Kissing Cure
Game Bunny At The Doctor
Bunny At The Doctor
Game Injured Pou
Injured Pou
Game Draculaura at the doctor
Draculaura at the doctor
Game Santa at the Hospital
Santa at the Hospital
Game Baby Juliet At The Dentist
Baby Juliet At The Dentist
Game Toothless. Flu doctor
Toothless. Flu doctor
Game Crazy Dentist
Crazy Dentist
Game Baby Sofias White Kitty
Baby Sofias White Kitty
Game Nurse Elsa
Nurse Elsa
Game Elsa ear doctor
Elsa ear doctor
Game Doc Plush - Time Checks Patients
Doc Plush - Time Checks Patients
Game Abbey Bominable at the dentist
Abbey Bominable at the dentist
Game Scooby Perfect Teeth
Scooby Perfect Teeth
Game Child Mignon Dr.
Child Mignon Dr.
Game Operate Now Epilepsy Surgery
Operate Now Epilepsy Surgery
Game Baby Hazel. Leg injury
Baby Hazel. Leg injury
Game Draculaura at the Doctor
Draculaura at the Doctor
Game Operate now appendix surgery
Operate now appendix surgery
Game Justin Bieber at Dentist
Justin Bieber at Dentist
Game Doc McStuffins Heal Friends
Doc McStuffins Heal Friends
Game Hospital
Game Doctor Plush: Bath Time
Doctor Plush: Bath Time
Game Dentist Defense
Dentist Defense
Game Baby Hospital
Baby Hospital
Game Johnny Bravo Perfect Teeth
Johnny Bravo Perfect Teeth
Game Mad Doctors
Mad Doctors
Game Pou girl dentist
Pou girl dentist
Game Green Monster Dentist Care
Green Monster Dentist Care
Game Save the  kitty
Save the kitty
Game Anaphlyaxia
Game Frankie Stein. Hand doctor
Frankie Stein. Hand doctor
Game Draculaura. First nid
Draculaura. First nid
Game Draculaura's perfect teeth
Draculaura's perfect teeth
Game Celebrity Dentist
Celebrity Dentist
Game Angelina Jolie at the Dentist
Angelina Jolie at the Dentist
Game Talking Ben Eye Care
Talking Ben Eye Care
Game Color Girls Bad Teeth
Color Girls Bad Teeth
Game Operate Now: Eye Surgery
Operate Now: Eye Surgery
Game Justin Bieber perfect teeth
Justin Bieber perfect teeth
Game Pikachu teeth problem
Pikachu teeth problem
Game Robo Flu
Robo Flu
Game Angela. Baby emergency
Angela. Baby emergency
Game Elsa. Stomach care
Elsa. Stomach care
Game Operate now: Tonsil surgery
Operate now: Tonsil surgery
Game Dojo Dental Care
Dojo Dental Care
Game Scooby Doo At The Doctor
Scooby Doo At The Doctor
Game Doctor Amy Eye Doctor
Doctor Amy Eye Doctor
Game Hospital Frenzy
Hospital Frenzy
Game Olaf Nose Doctor
Olaf Nose Doctor
Game Scooby Doo At The Doctor
Scooby Doo At The Doctor
Game Daycare Nurse
Daycare Nurse
Game Monkey Valentine Escape
Monkey Valentine Escape
Game Trust your Doctor
Trust your Doctor
Game Sanatoriun escape
Sanatoriun escape
Game Baby Monster Nose Doctor
Baby Monster Nose Doctor
Game Zoe Family at the Dentist
Zoe Family at the Dentist
Game Organ Transplant 2
Organ Transplant 2
Game Viruses defence
Viruses defence
Game Baby Monster Eye Problems
Baby Monster Eye Problems
Game Pills
Game Fracture And Bleeding
Fracture And Bleeding
Game The Island Of Dr. Moron
The Island Of Dr. Moron
Game Animals Dentist
Animals Dentist
Game Monster High: The Doctor
Monster High: The Doctor
Game Hospital Fun
Hospital Fun
Game Operate Now: Ear Surgery
Operate Now: Ear Surgery
Game Doctor
Game Soccer Doctor
Soccer Doctor
Game Last minute makeover nurse
Last minute makeover nurse

Doctor games - play free online

Does not like to hurt anybody. Treats - that`s another matter! Games will take you to the doctor the other side of the hospital bed, and give the opportunity to experience a nurse, doctor or hospital emergency room, as well as an operation or take delivery. Medical themes have long attracted the attention of the creators of the series and computer games. "House," "Interns," "ER," "clinic" and other products of the cinema entertained us with a different TV channels. Doctors - are ordinary people, but when they put on white robes, they become angels, standing on guard of health. But even in working garb, they first of all, people with their characters, habits, tendencies, habits and attitudes. That is why it is so interesting to see how they are mixed with the human qualities of a professional. Fans of medical topics can enjoy a game based on the popular television series "House" from the company «Legacy». In the game you can choose one of the doctors: Taub, Hadley, and of course, to act as a charismatic doctor Hausa. As in the series, you have to diagnose and treat patients with a variety of symptoms and incredible. In the game you will encounter five unique medical cases are so rare in medical practice that set them on the first try very hard. In the game you will find more than a hundred different mini-games, where you will not only take the tests, and exams. The game is fully voiced, and not without cynical humor of the famous House, MD. So the process is going to be a very exciting and fun. Games Doctor, it`s also a lot of different flash games, where you can take to care for childbirth and newborn babies, feeding them milk, and mixtures thereof. You can work in a hospital, where a lot of beds with patients. All they need to diagnose, prescribe treatment and time to fulfill the doctor`s prescription. If the patient has suddenly come up with a broken arm or leg, then put a cast or splint. Nurses make the injections and tablets spread around the wards, measure the temperature, and in spare time flirting and kissing with doctors. Sometimes scientists are going crazy on the background of fatigue and ideas. If you are not afraid of the consequences of laboratory experiments, play crazy doctor who examines the possibilities of the human body. Animals get sick, too, so you have to take care of them. But with them is even harder, because they can not explain his illness. You need a doctor to cure them quickly, and most importantly correctly. Playing the game will also have to do surgery. It is not always possible to cure the disease among injections and pills. Sometimes surgery is needed, and this is a big responsibility. Operations on the abdomen, arm or leg - in any case, you are responsible for the successful outcome and speedy recovery of the patient. You have to solve the most complex tasks. Sometimes patients do break bones, but sometimes it can be bullet wounds or because of falling arrows during the battle for the liberation of the castle. You understand that medicine is different in ages, and ways of healing, too. You have to consider these facts and apply the appropriate action. What about brain surgery? One of the patients suffer from a dysfunction of the brain in severe form. The operation to be heavy, but if you follow the tips of an experienced surgeon, you can handle this challenge. You just have to do it, because in your hands the life of another person! And when you`re done, go to the next operating room, where the heart transplant.