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Games Colored Blocks by rating

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Game Brick Shooter
Brick Shooter
Game Fun Block 2
Fun Block 2
Game Kubes
Game Fireworks columns
Fireworks columns
Game Clixel
Game Spongebob Jelly Puzzle 3
Spongebob Jelly Puzzle 3
Game Linyca
Game Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt
Game Sindy Tangrams
Sindy Tangrams
Game Shape Shifters
Shape Shifters
Game Ark of treasure
Ark of treasure
Game Bee Honey
Bee Honey
Game Cube Crush
Cube Crush
Game Tropical Gems
Tropical Gems
Game Block Party
Block Party
Game Star Crystals
Star Crystals
Game Cube Wars
Cube Wars
Game Candy Bricks
Candy Bricks
Game Blob Five
Blob Five
Game Dukateers
Game Classic Tetris
Classic Tetris
Game Bubble Contest
Bubble Contest
Game Brickshooter Egypt
Brickshooter Egypt
Game Blocks
Game Bricks Breaking
Bricks Breaking
Game Squzzle
Game Vanquish Those Viruses
Vanquish Those Viruses
Game Rolling Tires 3
Rolling Tires 3
Game Push and Snap
Push and Snap
Game Bricks breaking
Bricks breaking
Game Mystery Island
Mystery Island
Game Escape The Space
Escape The Space
Game Aztec Blocks
Aztec Blocks
Game Monsters Stack
Monsters Stack
Game Break out - 2
Break out - 2
Game Match Cubes
Match Cubes
Game Birdy Blocks
Birdy Blocks
Game Bumper Bounce
Bumper Bounce
Game Shining mine
Shining mine
Game Sirtet
Game Boom Box Blue!
Boom Box Blue!
Game House of Potions
House of Potions
Game Segment Smash
Segment Smash
Game Super Blocks
Super Blocks
Game Bling Bloxxx
Bling Bloxxx
Game Keep the brick
Keep the brick
Game Checker Craze
Checker Craze
Game T3TRI5
Game Bola Sama
Bola Sama
Game Pixel Painter 2
Pixel Painter 2
Game Drop Blox
Drop Blox
Game A Measure of Treasure
A Measure of Treasure
Game Superheroes Logo. Connect it
Superheroes Logo. Connect it
Game Tower Blocks
Tower Blocks
Game Square Hitting
Square Hitting
Game Football crush
Football crush
Game Ultimate Blocks
Ultimate Blocks
Game Icy Gifts
Icy Gifts
Game Cannon Fruit Shooter
Cannon Fruit Shooter
Game Another Pair of Blocks
Another Pair of Blocks
Game Bubbles
Game Cubic Slingshot
Cubic Slingshot
Game Puzzle Lines
Puzzle Lines
Game Clix
Game Somewhat Familiar
Somewhat Familiar
Game Click Master 2
Click Master 2
Game Spin
Game Cubreak
Game Tzolkin
Game Averter!
Game Road Hop
Road Hop
Game Cubido
Game Color Cleaner
Color Cleaner
Game Make The Change
Make The Change
Game Bloxi v2
Bloxi v2
Game Hungry Hungry Square
Hungry Hungry Square
Game Avoid The Shit
Avoid The Shit
Game Ultra-Colour 2
Ultra-Colour 2
Game Tetris duel
Tetris duel
Game Welcome To Block
Welcome To Block
Game X Balls
X Balls
Game Tin Tin
Tin Tin
Game React v.1.3
React v.1.3
Game Pill Pong
Pill Pong
Game Christmas Candies
Christmas Candies
Game Color Tetris
Color Tetris
Game Pixel Hop 2
Pixel Hop 2
Game Block Game
Block Game
Game Jem Match - 2
Jem Match - 2
Game PixlCoop
Game Yummy Candyes
Yummy Candyes
Game Torvi Cube T Vol.1
Torvi Cube T Vol.1
Game Operation Chaos
Operation Chaos
Game Blocky 3
Blocky 3
Game Virus Go Away
Virus Go Away
Game Nion
Game Pixel Tap
Pixel Tap
Game Road to the Equator
Road to the Equator
Game Blockway 2: Jeweles
Blockway 2: Jeweles
Game Hello Kitty Blocks
Hello Kitty Blocks
Game Ethereal Celenite
Ethereal Celenite
Game Cubistone
Game Up Bot Goes Up
Up Bot Goes Up
Game Brick Evader
Brick Evader
Game Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack
Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack
Game Click star down
Click star down
Game Remove Everything
Remove Everything
Game 600 cuts
600 cuts
Game Project Box
Project Box
Game Four Blocks
Four Blocks
Game Blocks! Blocks! 1
Blocks! Blocks! 1
Game Ununicum
Game Marry Me
Marry Me
Game Newgrounds Rank Grabber 3
Newgrounds Rank Grabber 3
Game Neon rabbits
Neon rabbits
Game Fairy Island
Fairy Island
Game Jello Tower
Jello Tower
Game Colorful Dream
Colorful Dream
Game Block collapse challenge
Block collapse challenge
Game Square Witch
Square Witch