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Game Prepare your house for little nephews
Prepare your house for little nephews
Game Baby Hazel: Backyard party
Baby Hazel: Backyard party
Game Baby shower at pool
Baby shower at pool
Game Baby Hazel: Halloween party
Baby Hazel: Halloween party
Game Care baby: Spongebob
Care baby: Spongebob
Game Baby pony: Bath
Baby pony: Bath
Game Baby Hazel: Naughty cat
Baby Hazel: Naughty cat
Game Baby Hazel: Flower girl
Baby Hazel: Flower girl
Game Baby Hazel: Birthday surprise
Baby Hazel: Birthday surprise
Game Baby Hazel: Valentines day
Baby Hazel: Valentines day
Game Little Melisa: Day time
Little Melisa: Day time
Game Baby Hazel learns vehicles
Baby Hazel learns vehicles
Game Baby Hazel: Winter fun
Baby Hazel: Winter fun
Game Baby Hazel: Farm tour
Baby Hazel: Farm tour
Game Baby Hazel: Lighthouse adventure
Baby Hazel: Lighthouse adventure

Game care for babies online

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Game Baby Talking Tom. Bathing
Baby Talking Tom. Bathing
Game Baby Hazel Bed Time
Baby Hazel Bed Time
Game Baby Hazel Dental Care
Baby Hazel Dental Care
Game Baby Hazel Swimming Time
Baby Hazel Swimming Time
Game Super Dad
Super Dad
Game Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Game Baby Baby 
Baby Baby 
Game My Sweet Baby Boy
My Sweet Baby Boy
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Funny Babysitter
Game Baby Hazel Funtime
Baby Hazel Funtime
Game Baby Hazel New Year Party
Baby Hazel New Year Party
Game Dora Babysitter
Dora Babysitter
Game Baby Hazel At Beach
Baby Hazel At Beach
Game Pou bathing
Pou bathing
Game Baby Hazel Stomach Care
Baby Hazel Stomach Care
Game Baby Brushing Time
Baby Brushing Time
Game Baby Hazel Brushing Time
Baby Hazel Brushing Time
Game Cute Baby Nursery
Cute Baby Nursery
Game Baby Lulu Bathing
Baby Lulu Bathing
Game Baby Hazel Mischief Time
Baby Hazel Mischief Time
Game Baby Hazel Learns Shapes
Baby Hazel Learns Shapes
Game Baby care
Baby care
Game Baby Hazel at Beach
Baby Hazel at Beach
Game Baby Hazel Hair Care
Baby Hazel Hair Care
Game Baby Hazel Skin Care
Baby Hazel Skin Care
Game Sofy's Baby Shoppe
Sofy's Baby Shoppe
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Baby Hazel Dining Manners
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Baby diaper change
Game Baby Kindergarten
Baby Kindergarten
Game Kids Play Park
Kids Play Park
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Baby monster. Flu doctor
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Baby makeover
Game Baby Hazel. Summer fun
Baby Hazel. Summer fun
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My new younger sister
Game Kindergarden
Game Baby Hazel Mothers Day
Baby Hazel Mothers Day
Game Dora Baby Bath
Dora Baby Bath
Game Baby Monster Tooth Problems
Baby Monster Tooth Problems
Game Octo Mom
Octo Mom
Game Super Mom
Super Mom
Game Monster baby feeding
Monster baby feeding
Game KinderGarten
Game Mermaid Lola baby care
Mermaid Lola baby care
Game Baby Hazel At Beach
Baby Hazel At Beach
Game I Love My Puppy
I Love My Puppy
Game The Nursery
The Nursery
Game Baby Baby Baby
Baby Baby Baby
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Baby Hair Salon Spa
Game Baby Pou bathing
Baby Pou bathing
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Super Mom 2
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My baby
Game Baby Juliet At The Dentist
Baby Juliet At The Dentist
Game My new younger sister
My new younger sister
Game Kindergarten HD
Kindergarten HD
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Lovely Baby Dress up
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The Happy Baby
Game Barbie Twins Babysitter
Barbie Twins Babysitter
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Baby Fairy Hair Care
Game Naughty Babysitter
Naughty Babysitter
Game Baby Slacking
Baby Slacking
Game Baby Hazel. Leg injury
Baby Hazel. Leg injury
Game Baby Hazel mothers day
Baby Hazel mothers day
Game Dora Kindergarten Fun
Dora Kindergarten Fun
Game Living Room For Kid
Living Room For Kid
Game Super Mom
Super Mom
Game Father's Care
Father's Care
Game Barbie Babysitter
Barbie Babysitter
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Baby Emma At The Zoo
Game Jennifer Rose: Babysitter in Love
Jennifer Rose: Babysitter in Love
Game Baby Hospital
Baby Hospital
Game Baby bath
Baby bath
Game Cyber dragon
Cyber dragon
Game Nightmares Babes
Nightmares Babes
Game Baby Baby
Baby Baby
Game Baby Hazel. Newborn baby
Baby Hazel. Newborn baby
Game Baby Care And Bath
Baby Care And Bath
Game Monster baby diaper change
Monster baby diaper change
Game Kiddie play date
Kiddie play date
Game Octomom The Great Baby Rescue
Octomom The Great Baby Rescue
Game Little Daizy Christmas Eve
Little Daizy Christmas Eve
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Baby Blimp
Game Kindergarten
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Baby pacman
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Baby Care Rush
Game Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Game Octomom Rescue Bayi Besar
Octomom Rescue Bayi Besar
Game My Sweet Baby 2
My Sweet Baby 2
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Cute baby bathing
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Baby Caring
Game Hamster Hotel
Hamster Hotel
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Baby Boom
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Maternal Hospital
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The Baby Care
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New baby ready for winter
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Taking Care of Baby
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Little Daisy Hair Care
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Santa Baby
Game Babysitting
Game Babysitter
Game Monster Babysitter
Monster Babysitter
Game Michelle's Baby Rush 2
Michelle's Baby Rush 2
Game The Baby Care
The Baby Care
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Super Nanny
Game Cute Jumbo Care
Cute Jumbo Care
Game Swap Life!
Swap Life!
Game My Sweet Baby 2
My Sweet Baby 2
Game Baby bathing
Baby bathing
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Baby Strawberry Shortcake
Game Prince George Babysitter
Prince George Babysitter
Game Baby Juliet at The Dentist
Baby Juliet at The Dentist
Game Monster baby dress up
Monster baby dress up
Game Lovely Sucking Baby
Lovely Sucking Baby
Game Cute baby bathing
Cute baby bathing
Game My Sweet Dog
My Sweet Dog
Game Mother And Baby Stroll
Mother And Baby Stroll
Game Mommy Cares
Mommy Cares
Game Baby Outdoor Bathing
Baby Outdoor Bathing
Game Daycare Nurse
Daycare Nurse
Game Veggie Playground
Veggie Playground
Game Baby Care & Cure
Baby Care & Cure

Game care for babies - play for free online

The most important position - the position of mothers!

Уход за малышами 3 Every little girl will become a mother, and she will have to care for their children, trying to give them all the benefits and to ensure proper care. To prepare yourself for this role, game care for babies will be excellent simulator where you can feel the charm of all motherhood.

Small children are quite helpless. They can not go alone and take what they need and even go to the potty without your help. Your job is to provide them with care and meet all basic needs. Game care for children are designed to prepare expectant mothers to the most responsible role in their lives.

How to play the game Caring for kids?

During the game you will see kids desire a cloud in which pictures will be displayed in which you realize that at the moment the baby is necessary. If a hungry toddler in a cloud pops a bottle of milk, if it is time to change a diaper, respectively, will be a diaper. Likewise, you will learn about his desire to play, take a bath or a nap.

Уход за малышами 1 The different games will be managed differently. Sometimes you need to drag a bottle of milk to the baby and sometimes toddler seat for children of the table, where it is already cooked food.

Childcare sometimes shifted to the nannies. It occurs when the mother is busy at work, and no one to sit with your child. In this case, the child's hire a professional nanny, who loves children and takes care of them as their own. Games for girls kids will give you the opportunity to test himself in this role and know how much you are able to manage looking after for several toddler. Your task is to satisfy all the desires of the kids. To deliver the desired object to it, hold it in italics computer mouse and drag it to the baby. Just you have to bathe and change his diapers. On every wish kid you play only twenty seconds. If you do not have time, you will have to replay.

We teach the girls responsibility

Despite the apparent complexity, play games, care for kids is very interesting, because from an early age, girls like to play with dolls and CPMP, presenting them with their children and caring for them. These games include:

  • and feeding;
  • and bathing;
  • and dressing;
  • and a walk in the fresh air in a wheelchair;
  • and sleep in cribs.

Уход за малышами 2 The young mother is very serious about its responsibilities and chirp of the dolls, as if those are their real children. This reverent attitude is very good to see from the outside, but the games themselves bring not only experience in child care, but also understanding of the responsibility for the life of a tiny and frail health of the child. These games give the girls a sense of independence and adulthood, and even understanding what my mother - this is a very difficult and responsible work, but other than herself to this work so well not consult anybody.

The ability to give the child a sense of security and peace can only my mother's caring hands. And so it was good, warm, cozy, well fed and comfortable, you have to have time to do everything quickly and nimbly. Children love to play, so do not forget to refer it to the playpen with toys where he can relax and relish play. Such simulators raise kindness in girls and teach concepts such as duty, responsibility, sensitivity. Along with the games for the care of children, they acquire skills and learn new moms properly take care of kids and understand their needs. In the future, is already becoming real moms, the theoretical knowledge will be useful, and it will be easier to guess the desire of the baby. Play online games childcare on our portal and share links with friends.