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Game Blaze and the monster machines: Dragon island race
Blaze and the monster machines: Dragon island race

Game Blaze and the Monster Machines online

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Game Blaze and the monster machines: Dragon island race
Blaze and the monster machines: Dragon island race

Game Blaze and the Monster Machines - play for free online

Igry FLASH and Miracle Machines & ndash; New fun

^FLASH 2games, online and Miracle Machines created with the characters and on the eponymous animated series. Currently released only two seasons, a remarkable story about living machine, but she was so loved by the audience, the children and adults look forward to the continuation. In games, as in the TV version, you can meet all the characters and manage them, and not just watch the adventures of a TV screen.

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The miracle machine independent heroes their own appearance, manners and habits, as well as characters:

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0 1 2 FLASH & ndash; the main character of the cartoon, charming red pickup truck, he is a true star of the race. Any difficulty him uneasy, he is very smart car and is well versed in mathematics, physics, and any technique; 3 4 1 2 Cruz & ndash; truck tractor, it is painted in blue and is the largest automobile. Constantly competes with the main character never makes it honest. He needs a victory so that it is ready to resort to the most vile acts, while constantly paying for it; 3 4 1 2 Strahl & ndash; machine girl, she's a real cowboy, walks in the hat with the star sheriff. It has become a very sociable, loves to sing and well managed with a lasso; 3 4 1 2 Zeg & ndash; car - dinosaur, green, and with a tail. He is kind, friendly and always ready to help a friend. She loves pushing and ramming everything in its path, but does not offend friends; 3 4 1 2 Roar & ndash; very reminiscent of a tiger, it is the same color and habits. He growls no less strange than the predator, who is like; 3 4 1 2 Daredevil & ndash; stuntman and stunt man, wants to be a star; 3 4 1 2 Gherkin & ndash; The smallest machine, it is a constant companion Krushily. Green machine is constantly trying to keep the truck from the bad things, but he leaves a bad thing. 3 4


1 is a cartoon series heroes not only cars, boy AJ 's best friend and the only driver FLASH. Girl Gabby always ready to help, she was well versed in the art works as a mechanic. All of these characters in each episode get into adventures and arrange a dizzying race not only on the streets of his native city, Axel City, and beyond.

^FLASH and Miracle Machines: The Adventure Continues

B games FLASH and Miracle Machines to play online can at any time, all wishing to start an adventure with characters from the cartoon can even the youngest children, as they do not need to download and install on the personal computer, and can run at the touch of a button for a few seconds. * 41 FLASH and Miracle Machines free game released not only for students and adults, young people can paint favorite characters. In online & laquo; books - coloring & raquo; There are many illustrations of the characters and scenes from the movie. Every resident Axel City posed for artists, players can become the multipliers or painters of the garage and give the characters unique, completely new look. In this game will be the tools for creativity bottle and brush, and even a bucket of paint. After completion of the creative process, you can print a picture for memory.

1 games FLASH and Miracle Machines adults can play for free, where participants will be an interesting race on the island of the Dragon with a difficult track. Speed ​​is not always important to the victory brings the mind and wit. FLASH will have many trials and challenges to reach the finish line first, important to collect as many red flags and do not fall into the trap.

1 Games FLASH machine a great pastime that will give cheerfulness, relaxation and good mood.