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His name is widely known and repeated by many scientists, but those because it opened a new colony or species of bacteria, and invented a vessel for their reproduction, called this researcher - Julius Richard Petri.
is now not only scientists, chemists and microbiologists know about his invention with the release of the virtual world of computer games Petri dish millions of free users can feel in the role of one of the species of bacteria or researcher working on their research. In the first players compete only with artificial intelligence to manage the program, and secondly in the game can be thousands of players at the same time, they participate in the events, play and compete with each other. All free games Petri dish combines similarity with laboratory vessel, in which, if you look under the microscope occur various phenomena of life, species can grow and multiply, change and absorb one another under favorable conditions. Some versions require intellectual effort, others just fun entertainment.

games Petri dish online also takes players into a sterile laboratory environment, to flat glass jar with microorganisms. 4 5 As a result of the connection of red and blue are obtained purple; 6

Zadanie game & ndash; to answer questions that would result in mixing yellow and blue, blue with red and purple with green. Players can observe what is happening in a test tube, add new species and delete those colony which has grown to extraordinary size. Also in the cup may occur viral bacteria infect all around, this should be taken seriously because the account is reset immediately. First, it's small, he needs to eat well to grow in size and become food for larger animals. While the bacterium is small, it can hide behind the green spots, but when it grows up to lose speed and saving spot will divide it into many small particles that are easy prey.